Need More Books?

Of course you do! And these are ones to definitely add to your library.

The first one is from our good friend Troy Howarth, published by BearManor Media, this time covering a movie that not only is one that doesn’t get much attention, it is one well worth your attention. The film is Alfred Sole’s 1976 film Alice, Sweet Alice, and the book is entitled Unholy Communion: Alice, Sweet Alice from Script to Screen.

Within the 300+ pages, Howarth goes through the history of this little film that was made outside of the Hollywood system, as well as background information on Sole. It “explores the genesis, production, and reception of one of the key horror films of the 1970s.” We get a brand new in-depth interview with Sole, going through his entire career, as well as reproducing the original shooting script, and plenty of analysis of not only the film, but the genre at the time as well.

Howarth has written several books, such as a 3-book series on giallo films, as well as one on Dario Argento, John Carpenter, Mario Bava, Paul Naschy, and more. Like all of his titles, I can only assume it will be a must read. You can order this directly from BearManor Media or through Amazon. It is available in both hardcover ($39.95) and softcover ($29.95).

Next up is the latest entry in FAB Press’ Frightfest Guide series, with Grindhouse Movies, by Alan Jones. He thrilled us with the first volume in this series, on Exploitation Movies, but now takes us to an era of the kind of films that flowed through New York’s 42nd Street like a hot knife through butter. Jones has “chosen the most underrated, alluring or flat-out disastrous sick flicks from the eye-opening epoch that created an obsessed generation of slavering besotted fans. From red light district fleapits to neon-drenched 42nd Street dives and late night Drive-Ins” how could you go wrong?

This is their 5th book in their Frighfest Guide series, with Jones’ Exploitation one, as well as Monster Movies by Michael Gingold, Ghost Movies by Axelle Carolyn, and Werewolf Movies by Gavin Baddeley. Just like every other volume in this series, they are filled with amazing graphics and lots of details about the titles covered. It is available in a hardcover edition, but only through FAB Press directly. Softcover versions will be available through normal bookstores and Amazon. Priced at £20.00 (UK) / $30.00 (US), these are a bit pricy when ordering from the UK to the states, but they are worth it. Right now, if you pre-order a copy, you can get a hardcover edition signed by the author, which should ship out in September.

Our last two titles are released yet, but are due to come out next year, from our wonderful friends at Peveril Publishing. Not 100% sure these are the final covers, but Wayne Kinsey and company will be releasing another entry in their Hammer Scrapbook series, this time, covering the Karnstein Family! Filled with all the great stuff they have been doing in their other Scrapbook titles, it will be another must have for all Hammer fans.

They will also be releasing volume 4 in their Fantastic Films of the Decades series, covering the second half of the 1940s, between 1944 and 1949. Once again, the look of these titles are incredible, beautifully laid out with plenty of info and wonderful graphics on every page. I have the first 3 volumes and know I will be adding this next one as well!

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