HorrorHound Approaches!

HH Banner

Book Cover Art 22819Next weekend, we’ll be heading back to Indianapolis for the HorrorHound Weekend, which looks to be one massive gathering of horror fans! Taking place at the Indiana Convention Center, this one looks like it will be HorrorHound’s biggest show yet! With an incredible lineup of guests, tons of different dealers, as well as Mask-Fest, it is going to be a horror fans dream come true.

For the latest info, such a complete guest and vendor list, head over to their website HERE.

We will be set up there as usual, with our booths being in M04 & M05. It’s great that they have a listing of where the different dealers are, which should make it so much easier to find a particular one if you so desire. You can see the layout I posted below, where I’ve circled where we are. Just so yo can find us even easier! We will also be selling copies of my new book, Discover the Horror, so if you haven’t ordered your copy already, now is your chance to pick one up and I’ll even sign it for you, free of charge, of course! Of if you had already ordered your copy through Amazon, bring it along and I’ll be glad to sign it for you.My wife Dawn and all of her Horror Slave merchandise will be set up alongside of me so if you’re in need of some custom hand-made pillows and / or tote bags (to haul around the cool stuff you’ll be buying, then make sure you stop by and check those out as well.

And if you are coming out, the most important thing is to make sure you have fun. With all the crap going on in the real world, leave all that aside for 3 days and revel is what we all love… the Horror Genre! Check out some of the films in the HorrorHound Film Fest, be amazed at the cosplay, meet up with old friends and make plenty of new ones. Start conversations with other fans! That is what it is all about, so enjoy and we hope to see you there.

HH Layout

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