Discover the Horror: The Book!!!

Book Cover Art 2-22-19Since we’ve been talking about new books coming out all this week, I figured it was about time to make my big announcement. 

After 50+ years in the making (with about 5 of that doing the actual writing), I am proud to announce my first book, coming out this August. Discover the Horror: One Man’s 50-Year Quest for Monsters, Maniacs, and the Meaning of it All is part autobiography and part of my preaching, ranting and rambling, but all me. It is the story of how I became who and what I am today… A die hard horror movie fan and damn proud of it.

Within these pages, you’ll read about the days of my youth, devouring horror television programs, my kinship to Frankenstein’s creature, to my early days in the film business (aka movie theater usher), to starting my website which has become one of the longest running sites out there. You’ll also read plenty of my thoughts on the different aspects of the genre and the many different sub-genres out there. Plus, there is plenty of tales from the convention road that I have traveled over the last 30 years, meeting such luminaries as Lucio Fulci, Paul Naschy, Ingrid Pitt, and many more.

While the cover is still being tweaked, the book will be available this summer. Stay tuned here for more details and updates.

9 thoughts on “Discover the Horror: The Book!!!

  1. Awesome news – looking forward to the upcoming book. I am Monster Kid from the mid ’70’s and have collected a fair bit of Monster memorabilia over the years. Will you be featuring a section on your book collection? I am a collector as well, and would love to see pics of your extensive library!

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      • Looking forward to that. How about posting a title list of your book collection? I am willing to bet that a lot of Kitley’s Krypt followers would be interested in the titles on your shelves.


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