Nox Arcana’s Season of the Witch

Nox Arcana - Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch
By Nox Arcana, Released in 2017
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 72 min.

It has been a while since I delved into the world of Nox Arcana. The funny thing is that once this latest release started to play, it was like slipping on an old jacket…it just fits perfectly. It also helped that this is the perfect season to be listening to it as well.

For their latest release, they take us on a journey into the history of witches as we enter the realm of the Raven’s Hollow, a mysterious place where witches dwell and cast their spells. There are plenty of fascinating melodies that they have created here, filling your ears with a gothic sound of the season. I’ve always found that is one of the best parts of Nox Arcana’s work, that they are not overly creepy music, but have themes that offer a wide variety of melodies and emotions. Some bring out a creepiness, while others are actually quite peaceful and serene.

This music is perfect in the background as you read, write, paint, or work on your latest spell, but it is perfect for setting the mood for an evening, no matter what dark arts you might be working on. Then again, that could said for any of Nox Arcana’s releases! If you’re not familiar with their work, then I strongly suggest you start. But careful, once they get their hooks into you, there will be no turning back…not that you’ll want to…

For or order, or for more information about this release, head over to their website HERE.

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