Discover the Horror…on Blu-ray!

Obviously one of the things I preach here at the Krypt is Discover the Horror. By that, I mean to explore and seek out new things in the genre, both old and new…but mainly old. One of the things that makes this a little easier these days are these Blu-ray companies who are putting out some amazing titles, some that were on the verge of being lost in the vast wasteland of obscurity. But thanks to companies like Synapse, Vinegar Syndrome, Arrow Video, Shout Factory, Code Red, Severin, Dark Sky, Mondo Macabro, just to name a few, they are not only keeping these films alive and available, but giving some titles a treatment that they probably never had before, even when they were first released.

DVD-witch.jpgWhen a company takes the time to work on a release for a particular film, for instances, like what Arrow did for the 1976 film The Witch Who Came from the Sea, everyone knows this isn’t going to be a title that is going to fly off the shelves or competing in sales with something like Guardians of the Galaxy. But they do it anyway. They take the time and energy (and money) to go through and make this film look probably better than it did when it was first released.

Then they get companies like Red Shirt Pictures and Ballyhoo Motion Pictures, just to name a couple, who go above and beyond to dig deep into the making of it, finding the people involved and intervivewing them about the film and their experiences with it. It is so cool to see them willing to even discuss the film instead of the “Oh my God…you want to talk about what film?” attitude. This recent release of Witch features interviews with director/producer Matt Cimber, actors Millie Perkins and John Goff, and assistant cinematographer Dean Cundey! There’s even an audio commentary with most of them talking about the making of the film. Who would have ever thought that would even exist?

So a huge thank you out to the above companies I mentioned, as well as the countless others that I have not mentioned. From an old die-hard fan, I for one appreciate the hard work you do and hope like hell you keep it up so we can all continue to Discover the Horror!


One thought on “Discover the Horror…on Blu-ray!

  1. It’s a great time to be a collector. There is some incredible content coming out. Unfortunately, the price is a bit prohibitive at times. Still, this is where I spend the majority of my entertainment budget.

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