“Can I get that 90 minutes back?” Year in Review…Part 2

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Recently I read a comment online on why someone would waste time talking about films they didn’t like over the last year, like a Worst of the Year list (kind of like the one below), when we should be talking about ones we did like. In other words, positive posts instead of negative. I’d like to answer that, if I may, or at least put in my two cents

First off, I agree with the idea that there should be more positive posts. Not just about movies, but positive in general. As for negative movie reviews, if you’re just posting “Hey…this movie sucks”, then yes, I agree whole-heartedly. It is a waste of time. But if you’re posting why YOU didn’t particular care for the film, where you felt it was lacking, what you thought it could have needed to make it better, or where you felt they went wrong, then I don’t see that as negative, but as constructive criticism. There are times when this needs to be said.

Also, as I do consider myself as a well versed critic, not just online but in person at conventions as well, I would like to think that by expressing our disappointment in a certain film that it may sway a viewer to maybe pass on that particular title and go with another one that we thought was more than worth their time, such as our Best of List that we’ll be posting tomorrow.

As far as doing an End of Year Review of them, I feel that it is not only a reminder but also getting to those newer followers that may have missed an original post about it earlier in the year. So there. There’s my thoughts on that. Now let’s get to the films that I was most disappointed with this year. And if you’re wondering why I seemed to have spent more words on these films than the ones I liked, it is because I would rather you know less about the good ones and just watch them. The ones below, I feel I need to explain why I didn’t care for them. Shall we begin? These are listed in alphabetical order.

cooties-posterCooties (2014) – One should be suspicious when a movie gets a lot hype in the fan base media before it comes out. But then there is a hush over the internet after it comes out. In fact, I didn’t even realize it was out until it showed up in Redbox. I should have know something was amiss then but I rented it anyway. And after seeing it, I know why. They tried and had a great concept for a dark horror/comedy. It just didn’t work, mainly on a poor, un-funny script.

Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys (both 2015) – Now I’m lumping both of these because they are very similar. They both came from Hollywood. They both cost over $150 million to make. And they both were a waste of my time and prime examples of films that did not need to be made. Just imagine how many independent and low budget films this money could have funded?

Now, let me at least say that I give the makers of the Terminator film a little bit of credit because at least they were trying to do something different, throwing a little twist into their storyline. But the problem was the twist was just sort of retelling the first two films and it really didn’t work. A lot of money, a lot of things blowing up, and not much else. As for Jurassic World, they literally made the same story as the first 3 films: Dinosaurs on an island. People on island. Dinosaurs get out. Dinosaurs eat People. End of story. So the question is not really why they make a fourth entry, but why are they making a fifth entry?

Rec4_TeaserPoster2[Rec] 4 (2014) – If ever there was a reason NOT to make a film, this was it. It didn’t further the plot from the first 3 in the series, nor did it explain, change or in any way effect the series, other than it just ending on a very bad note. Really, just a waste of time. Which I find so saddening and depressing to say that about a film from Jaume Balagueró, who I’m a huge fan of his work, and since I loved the [REC] series, even part 3, which most seemed to hate. Damn shame.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) – Why am I mentioning a film from 9 years ago? Because I just finally got around to seeing it. Why did it take so long? Because after really not liking the 2003 remake, I really had no desire to go back for a prequel, which I just couldn’t see any reason to have been made, other than to try and make money. And you know what? I was right.  I went and re-watched the remake again to see if it was as bad as I remember (and it was) and then watched this prequel because I wanted to be fair and not criticize a movie without seeing it. But now, I can proudly say this was just a terrible film and one that had no reason being made.

What_We_Do_in_the_Shadows_posterWhat We Do in the Shadows (2014) – I know that I am a handful of people on this planet that did not find this film funny. Can’t explain it. Yes, I get the jokes. I just didn’t think they were funny. Maybe it was because everyone and their brother kept raving about how hilarious it was, that I went in with such high expectation. Not sure. But I still don’t get it. And please, don’t try to convince me….others have tried, and failed.

Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014) – Yet another one that had no reason to be made. Nor was it worth wasting your 90 minutes. You’d be better off watching the first one, or even better, seeking out the original BBC version.

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