April Ghouls Drive-In Monster Rama

The lineup for this year’s April Ghouls Drive-in Monster Rama has been announced! And if you’re a fan of the ’80s, then you’re going to be in for a real treat. Such a great mixture of titles, from renowned classics to some great titles that you’ll have the chance to see on the big screen.

Tickets are only $10 per person each night, plus there is camping available on both Friday and Saturday. For more information, head over to either www.riversidedrivein.com or dvddrive-in.com.

A Triple Dose of Mattei & Fragasso


Nothing beats some good old fashion Italian gore flicks from the ’80s. Back when plot, storyline, or even anything remotely coherent didn’t matter as long as we got plenty of gore. Sometimes even topping the gore was the complete insanity of the story themselves! Two names that you could always depend on for delivering the goods in those categories was Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso. And now thanks to Severin, they’ve got a triple terror treat from these two guys.

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