Looking for a Hidden Horror? The Sender Comes to Blu-ray and DVD

senderBlurayA couple of years ago, we published a book called Hidden Horror. Heard of it? Well, it was a collection of essays on 101 horror films that we felt more people needed to see as well as maybe not even being too familiar with. Author Will Wilson’s pick for his essay was the 1982 film The Sender. And now thanks to the fine folks at Olive Films, access to this wonderfully creepy film is a little more…accessible!

The story deals with a young trouble man who attempts to kill himself at the opening of the film. He is placed in a psychiatric facility for observation. But strange things start to happen, with bizarre and terrifying images start appearing in people’s minds. The young man, is played by the brilliant character Zeljko Ivanek, making his debut performance here.

I don’t want to go into much detail about it, but only that it is well worth your watch. So order your copy now and I’m sure you won’t regret it and might even be wondering why you had never even heard of this film before.

Unfortunately, Olive Films website doesn’t list any extras on the disc, so we’re not sure what, if any, they are. We’ve already reached out to them to find out and will post it here if we hear back. But you can check out their site HERE for what info they do have.