Music Box of Horrors 2017

20141012_040816Many, many years ago, while set up at a little movie memorabilia show in Rosemont, Il, a young lady came strolling by our table. For some reason, she looked a bit familiar, but we just couldn’t place her. As it turns out, it was none other than Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, an actress who had appeared in a few Italian films like Demons 2 (1986) and Opera (1987). How and why would she be just wandering around this show, here in the states?!?! Turns out that she had been living in Chicago for a while and was dragged to the show by a friend. We started talking and became friends over the next couple of decades. We introduced her to Ken Kish, who quickly had her appear at his Cinema Wasteland show in 2001. In fact, he even had her back once again in 2008. At that show, because of Coralina, I had the glorious opportunity to meet the talented director Mariano Baino, director of Dark Waters (1993), a film that I have always loved and admired, for its look, atmosphere, and originality.

Fast forward to 2016, at the annual Music Box of Horrors, while I was chatting with Will Morris, the genius who has been programming the marathon the last couple of years. I asked him if he knew of the film Dark Waters and immediately his eyes lit up and said, “I love that movie!” I then told him that I knew the director, Mariano, and I’m sure he’d love to come out here if they would screen his film. And now, as they say, the rest is now history. Well, there was a lot more to that, but let’s just say that thanks to Will, Ryan at the Music Box, and of course the fine folks at Severin Films, it all came together for this year’s Music Box of Horrors.

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Music Box Sets Date for Horrors

20141012_040816I was very surprised and delighted to see that the Music Box Theatre, located in Chicago, has already set their date for this year’s Music Box of Horrors. Why? Well, because for someone who’s fall is usually packed with stuff and events going on every weekend from September to the beginning of November, it’s nice to be able to start marking off these events on my calendar, so I know how to plan accordingly! We’ve been going to these 24-hour marathons at the Music Box ever since they started them back in 2005 and have always had a great time. Any time you get a chance to see a bunch of movies, usually some real good classic titles in there, all screened from 35mm prints, it can only be a good time. Plus, the people coming to this event are actually there to watch the movies. Nothing wrong with a little partying, but the movies come first. So you get very little, if any, of the usual people talking, on their cell phones, and the usual distractions.

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