A Pictorial History of Hammer Horror

The time is now! You can now order your copy of the latest book from the fine folks of We Belong Dead, this time tackling all things Hammer! The book, A Pictorial History of Hammer Horror is over 450 pages, in full color, with essays on every Hammer horror title from The Mystery of Mary Celeste (1935) all the way to The Lodge (2019). Just like their previous publications, this one is packed with rare photos, posters, and lobby cards from all over the world.

The book is available in both hardcover and softcover. But if you’re ordering from here in the US, when you add in the postage, it is a bit pricy. For the hardcovers, it is £45, which is about $62, and the softcover edition is £35, which is about $45.50. Throw in $40 to $50 for postage, it does make for one expensive book. But here is the thing, I’m guessing that like a lot of their books, they go out of print rather quickly and will be a nice collector’s item, especially since is on Hammer Films. But more important than that, it is a pretty nice size book with a ton of essays about one of our favorite film studios and the films they produced. So while this might a great investment, and will be well worth the price, the real key is to read and learn more about one of our favorite British film production companies. Because at the end of the day, that is the purpose for any book, to educate and entertain. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

For all the information and how to order, just click HERE.

Another Hammer Book for the Library?


It doesn’t matter if I already have over 40 titles in my library that are on the famous Studio that Dripped Blood. If a new one comes out, it will be added! And with the news that it will be coming from the publishers of We Belong Dead, I know it will be another beautiful edition like all their previous titles, such as 70’s Monster Memories or A Century of Horror.

This new one, entitled A Pictorial History of Hammer Horror, will be published in July, in both hard and soft cover editions. It will be over 400 pages, in full color, with an foreward by Richard Klemensen, and afterword by Veronica Carlson, and color art by Mark Maddox. The artwork shown here is the back cover, which was done by Brux. The book will also have a 34 page art gallery from some of the best artists around the world.

For all the latest information, as far as when it will be available to order, keep checking webelongdead.co.uk. Can’t wait to get my bloody hands on this one and start digging into it faster than a drunken graverobber!

A Century of Horrors

Century of horror

The fine folks behind the We Belong Dead publication have unleashed their latest book and it looks like a doozey! We have all of their previous books and they are all amazing titles. Yes, they are a bit pricey to get them over here in the states, but with the limited quantities they produce, their value will definitely go up. Plus the fact that they are beautifully laid out and some very talented writers within the pages.

This new volume, over 500 full color pages, goes through the history of horrors, if you will, starting with the silent films and moving through the decades to the 1990s, with each chapter covering a particular decade. With an amazing cover by Graham Humphreys, and a forward by Sara Karloff, this is one that horror bibliophiles are going to want in their library.

The cost is £40 + £20 (which is going to be about $80 for us here in the states. But you can order your copy through their website HERE.

A Celebration of Peter Cushing


I don’t think there is a horror fan out there that doesn’t love Peter Cushing. I mean, how could you not love this incredibly talented actor that appeared in so many great films, let alone in the horror genre? Well, the fine folks who publish the We Belong Dead magazine, as well as the books 70’s Monster Memories and Unsung Horrors, have now published a new volume solely dedicated to this fine actor, simply called A Celebration of Peter Cushing.

This new book is 300 pages in a large format, and in full color, with introduction by Veronica Carlson. It covers not just his horror films, but all of his career, such as his roles as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Who.

Now the one thing that might sting a bit for us Cushing fans in the US is the price. It is £25.00, with another £20.00 for shipping. That makes it about $60 for us. Now that is a bit high for a single book. But I have their previous two volumes and they are just gorgeous volumes. Their 70’s Monster Memories sold out upon publication and now goes so a ridiculous amount, so it might be a wise ‘investment’ to take the plunge. Plus, it is about one of our most beloved actors, so why not get something that gives a fine tribute to this uncommon human being. 

You can place your order, or get more information about it from their website HERE.


Discover Unsung Horrors!


At the end of last year, the fine folks who put out the We Belong Dead publication announced they were releasing a regular size book called 70s Monster Memories, with many different authors contributing on a variety of subjects, but all dealing with the monster movies from the 1970s. If you were one of the lucky ones to have ordered it, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. This book is just amazing, completely in fully color and covering some wonderful topics. Now the book is out of print and goes for big bucks.

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