2017 Year in Review Part 5: Best and Worst of

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Just to get this out there right away, my Best / Worse lists always consists of films that I watched for the first time in 2017, not necessarily that they came out. Most of the films I watch are from DVD or Blu-Ray and I don’t make it to the theater too often to see them when they first come out. Or they might be an older film that I’m seeing for the first time. So no matter when it actually came out, it still is a new movie to me.

I got through 209 films this year, 77 of them were first-time viewings for me. That is a little lower than normal for us, but I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a side project that will hopefully see the light of day this year. Then I can get back to watching more movies!

So here are the top five that I watched in 2017 that made the most impact on me this year.

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Tales of Halloween Soundtrack Review

talesofhalloweenTales of Halloween
Released by Aleph Records
15 Tracks with a total running time of 65 min.
Music by Lalo Schifrin and others

This soundtrack is for an anthology film, where the soundtrack is an anthology as well. With many different composers working on the different segments in the movie, we get a wide range of musical styles, moods, and dark and twisted feelings! The opening track and Main Title to the score was done by Academy Award winning composer Lalo Schifrin, and it probably the best track in the set. Nothing against the rest, but it is really good. The rest of the tracks really hit the gambit, hitting many different sounds and styles. For instance, the track Sweet Tooth starts out being a very slow, quiet, and very creepy piece of music, very slow in its approach. But then about halfway through, the volume picks up, with loud slashing notes, raising the tension level, before then quietly seeping back down to the original tone. Nicely done.

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