Horror History: Macario Gomez Quibus

macMacario Gomez Quibus
Born 1936

Better known as MAC, this Spanish artist worked for a time in advertising before getting in to making posters for films. His first big break was when he was hired to created the 3-sheet poster for Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments, which was an huge success. In fact, Heston was so impressed with this artist’s work, he made sure that he had the opportunity to meet him when he was in Spain filming El Cid. MAC gave him a portrait he created of the star as Moses, which Heston reported had hanging in his office for many years.

Signing his work with just the simple MAC, he worked in all genres, from big budgeted films to the smaller ones. Going through the ones he did for horror films and you’ll see plenty of them that you’ve probably seen over the years. Some of the artwork is just staggering, seeing the talent this man had. With dead-on likenesses, beautifully arranged montages of scenes from the movies, he truly created some incredible pieces of art. Now you know who the talented man that created them.

These artists, that help drawn in thousands of people to see these movies, are so underrated and almost forgotten. These people’s names should be just as well known as the people who were in them. We need to keep their names alive, as well as their work. While these are just a few posters that he created, check out this website where you can see many more incredible pieces of art. Just click HERE.