Sci-Fi Spectacular – Free Autographs!

sci-fiSpec2015It has been a while since we’ve been to a movie marathon so I think it is about time. This Saturday, we’ll be heading into Chicago to the Patio Theater for this year’s Sci-Fi Spectacular, which features “16 Hours of Sci-Fi and Horror Madness”, though according to the lineup, it only goes to about 2:30am, which is about a feature short of 16 hours. But no worries, because they have a great lineup of titles that will be great to see on the big screen, no matter if they are DVD projection or from a film print.

They also have a couple of guests that will be there, but will also be signing FOR FREE! See that…it is possible to get some guests for an event that don’t charge. Plus, along with that signature, you can get your picture taken with them, again FOR FREE! Jack Sholder, director of The Hidden, Alone in the Dark, Nightmare on Elm Stree 2, almongst other titles, will be there, along with actress Jennifer Rubin, who appeared in Screamers, The Wasp Woman, Bad Dreams, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, as well as a few other titles out there. Plus there will be vendors, short films, and plenty of other cool stuff to keep you awake and entertained.

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