Rondo Awards – Don’t Forget to Vote!


Just as an FYI, one of the things you can do while sitting at home is making sure you have placed your vote for this year’s Rondo Awards. Yes, we are nominated in two categories, Book of the Year for our book Discover the Horror, and Best Column, They Came from the Krypt in HorrorHound, and would love your vote. But there are plenty of other great and talented people in all the categories that would love your vote as well. Continue reading

It’s Rondo Time!

Rondo nominated bookThe nominees for this year’s Rondo Awards have been announced and I’m proud to say that not only was my column for HorrorHound, They Came from the Krypt, nominated once again for Best Column, but my book, Discover the Horror, was also nominated for Book of the Year!!! I am shocked, amazed, as well as humbled to even have it nominated. Being in the same categories as authors like Gary D. Rhodes, Lee Gambin, Roberto Curti, and Bryan Senn, is an honor alone. And I’m sure my step-mother is rolling in her grave at the thought of the kid she used to help try forming a sentence that actually made sense, now has a book nominated for a Rondo! Wonders never cease.

If you by chance haven’t picked up your copy, you can still order them directly from me (and get it signed at no extra cost!!!). Just click the link to the right for all the info.

Now is the time for you to do your part and cast your vote. Yes, I would love to have you vote for me in the Best Column category as well as Book of the Year, but really I hope that you cast your vote. Quite a few of people listed throughout all the categories do what they do out of the passion of it. Some make a little money at it, while others make none. Some of them put their blood, sweat, and tears into these projects, so it is up to their fans and their peers to let them now what they are doing matters.

So please take a few minutes, head over to the Rondo Awards website (just click HERE), and cast your votes. You don’t have to vote for every category, but the ones that you do know. You have until March 29th to get them in. Just email your picks to David Colton at

And yes, we’d love your vote, but please just vote!




Did You Rondo Yet?


Tomorrow is the cut off for voting on this year’s Rondo Awards for 2018. So if you haven’t taken a few minutes to pick your favorites and send them in, then don’t delay! There are a lot of hard working people out there promoting the genre that could always use a bit of cheering to show their work matters. Even being nominated is an honor, but bringing home the little bust of Rondo is even better. So take a few minutes, vote with your heart, and make someone’s day.

You can get to the voting ballot by clicking HERE. Just copy and paste it in an email to David Colton at


Rondo Award Time!



Yes Folks, it is that time once again. The annual Rondo Awards have been announced and it is time for all fans of the genre to take a few minutes and cast your votes. Yes, my column for HorrorHound has been nominated again, but this isn’t a call for votes for me. Sure, if you want to vote, I’ll take it. But there are so many other talented people here nominated, most of which are doing it for the sheer pleasure and passion. In fact, just being nominated shows that and brings attention to them. The Rondos are about the fans that continue to work in keeping the movies we love alive and well, and definitely not forgotten. 

Plus, it makes my heart shine with I go through the nominees and see so many people I call my friend. Granted, it makes it harder to vote when they are in the same category, but that is my burden to bear!

Head over to the Rondo Awards page (just click HERE) and vote. You don’t have to vote in every category but vote with your heart.

Rondo Awards…Final Days


This Sunday is the last day to get your votes in for this year’s Rondo Awards, so don’t forget! Yes, we are nominated in a couple of categories (and you could even write in Kitley’s Krypt for Best Website/Blog…just a thought…), but there are plenty of extremely talented people nominated throughout all the categories that deserves your vote. From the authors and artists, bloggers, podcasters, writers, and filmmakers, most of these people are doing it for the sheer passion and pleasure, so to receive recognition for their work is always a good thing.

So take a few minutes, head over to the Rondo site (HERE), and vote from your heart for those that you feel deserve it. Every vote counts and always shows support.

Always a big thanks to David Colton for all the hard work he puts in every year for this too!

Rondo Time Once Again


That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again, when we get to show support to those out there in the genre that are doing what they can do produce, create, write, paint, and all those other little outlets that we do to show our love and passion for the horror genre. Quite a few of these people nominated are doing it for the sheer pleasure of it. Yes, some of them are professionals, but there are more than a few that do what they do on their own time, all stemming from the fact that they love the genre. I know that is the case for myself.

Continue reading

Last Chance For Rondos


The cut off for voting in this year’s Rondo Awards ends this Sunday at midnight. So you only have 3 more days to vote if you haven’t cast your ballot yet, please do so now! There are plenty of talented people that have been nominated this year that could use your vote. It doesn’t take long but your choice could show that the work these people do, the passion they put into it, is well worth their effort and means something to the world.

So if you haven’t already, take a few minutes, click HERE to get to the Rondo Awards page, and follow the instructions to send in your vote, such as making sure you include your name. Even if you don’t vote in all catagories, I’m sure there’s a few people in some of them that you know of and would like to help out.

And yes, I have been nominated for Best Columnist (Catagory #14) and would love to get your vote. But read through all the nominees because I am among so many talented writers, and vote from the heart.

Have You Rondo?

Yes, it is that time of the year again, with the 14th Annual Rondo Awards recently being announced. Yes, my work in HorrorHound magazine has been nominated again for Best Column, which I’m honored to be listed amongst so many other great writers. I’d love your vote, but more importantly, I would love you to vote period. Doesn’t need to be for me, but vote from your heart, to those you feel has done an admirable job. There are many different categories, from writing to artwork, to the DVD releases. Try and vote in as many categories as you can, but it not mandatory to do so. Just keep in mind that these people put in a lot of hard work for what most of us is just a passion and not a profession. And I think that is something that needs to be rewarded, even if it just a little statuette.

So click on this link HERE and send them an email with your vote. It only takes a few minutes and will help show these dedicated people that their work is not in vain, but that is being enjoyed by many out in the world.



Rondo Award Time Again!

Looks like my column in HorrorHound has been nominated again for a Rondo Award for Best Column! Very humbled to be nominated 3 years in a row now. You can click on the banner below to get to Rondo site to see all of the nominees, including quite a few from my HorrorHound family. So please take a minute to go through the categories and cast your vote. These people are dedicated fans out there that strive to bring attention to the genre, and for that they all should be awarded. Of course, these are but a handful of fans, with countless others out there that are not named here, that are also working hard in their own crypt or dungeon.

So don’t forget and vote now! There are instructions at the top of the Rondo page on what you need to do to vote.