Night Gallery Store!

Last month we posted about receiving our copy of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: The Art of Darkness book, that is filled with all the amazing images from the gallery itself from the original TV show. For those of us that grew up on this TV show, to be able to browse through this volume just brings back so many great memories.

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Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: The Art of Darkness

Back in May, I posted about an upcoming book on the artwork from the TV show Night Gallery. This one one of the most important shows in my childhood. Where most were anxious to see The Twilight Zone, I was more interested in the darker tales brought through the Gallery. I mentioned there was an upcoming book that would feature all the artwork from the series in a new coffee table book. Now is the time to place your order! Continue reading

Night Gallery Art Book Coming Soon!

Rod Serling's Night Gallery

For those fans out there like me, that grew up watching Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, we all wondered at some point in our fandom, “I wonder whatever happened to those paintings?” Now, not only will those questions be answered, but soon you’ll be able to page through a single book and view every one of those incredible and memorable pieces of art. Continue reading