Turkey Day Approaches…

In a mere two days, while most of society will be getting up early to battle the crowds of crazed shoppers out to save a few bucks, sometimes fighting to the death (or so I’m told), there will be a smaller gathering here at the Krypt to celebrate another type of holiday….Turkey Day! Followers of the Krypt probably know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you’re knew here, let me explain. On the Black Friday ever since 2003, I have chosen to spend that day in front of the TV, watching some of the finest in cinematic shipwrecks known to man. Now on our 13th year, having watched over 80 features in that time, with the number of participates growing like Lt. Col. Glenn Manning in The Amazing Colossal Man (1957), we will sit down to view another seven features that will test our strength, endurance, and good will towards mankind. But have no fear…we’re professionals here.


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Monster Bash Report Part 4 – “Where are you going now?”

For our second day at the Bash, when I wasn’t running around hanging out with authors and getting my books signed, I was working behind our table. Well…most of the time. Lucky for me, my partner-in-crime/wife Dawn was there to take charge. In fact, the way her tote bags and pillows were flying off the table, I was starting to think that the Krypt might soon to be a subsidiary of her business Horror Slave! Everyone seems to love our poster prints that we’ve come up with, and seeing a bunch of people walking around the show with one of her tote bags is pretty cool.

Setting up at a con for three days can sometimes throw you a variety of…challenges. Sometimes your table might not be in the best spot in the dealer room. But even in choice spots, one thing that can really drag down the show is your dealer neighbors. Since you’ll be spending the next three days next to them, it can make those drag like weeks if your neighbors might be…shall we say…”difficult”. But lucky for us, we had none of that here. In fact, we had great neighbors! To the right of us was Steve “the t-shirt guy”, which we’ve known for years from doing shows. I can’t think of another guy that has the selection that he does. You can always find something cool in his t-shirt cave!

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Monster Bash 2016 Report…Part 1: What’s That Light Mean?


Thursday, July 7th

I’d been looking forward to this year’s Monster Bash for quite some time. The fact that they were going to have guests from the film Robot Monster actually had me excited for a show. That doesn’t happen often these days. Plus, I just love the feel of this show, not to mention the killer dealer room.

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Horror History: George Barrows

georgebarrowsGeorge Barrows
Born Feb. 7th, 1914 – Died Oct. 17th, 1994

George Barrows is most known for the roles he played where you didn’t even see his face. He was one of those ‘guys in a gorilla suit’. But not just that, he was one of the BEST in that league, appearing in tons of movies and TV shows as a gorilla. Barrows actually had made his own suit, and spent quite a bit of time studying real gorillas to get their movements down. Of course, one of his most famous roles was that in the the 1953 film Robot Monster.

George-Barrows-Addams-Family-1He also appeared in plenty of shows and movies in small bit parts, as well as working as a stuntman. He is one of those “men in suit” guys that never received proper screen credit for the hard work that they did over the years, only because they were hidden underneath their costume. This is something that needs to be changed.

Book Review: I Cannot, Yet I Must

Robot Monster Book

I Cannot, Yet I Must: The True Story of the Best Bad Monster Movie of All Time
by Anders Runestad
Published by Radiosonde Books, 2015. 680 Pages.

“I cannot – yet I must. How do you calculate that?
At what point on the graph do “must” and “cannot” meet? Yet I must – but I cannot!”

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Convention Updates!

Last weekend, we were at the Cinevent Classic Film Convention in Columbus and had a lot of fun. Sure, it would have been nice to have a few more bodies coming through the door, but that didn’t stop us from selling a few things, meeting a few people (including another die-hard Naschy fan), as well as picking up a few things for my own collection. This show is a good old fashion memoribilia show. No guests charging money for autographs, but just a bunch of dealers selling everything from posters to lobby cards to stills and much more. Yes, this wasn’t just a horror show, but we were still able to find some good stuff. Although, I have to say, when you come across a table with about 8 stacks of movie posters, each about six inches high, and the dealer says “all posters are a buck each”, you know your back is going to killing you when you’re done going through them all, but you do it anyway. We’re going to plan on going to this show again next year and see how it goes. If we do well again, maybe we’ll make this a regular stop on our World Tour!

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Audrey Dalton Comes to Monster Bash


One of the things that I really love about Monster Bash is the guests that they get are not the ones that you’re going to typically see at most shows. Sure, that may be because of the ones they do try and get are from the older and classic films. And by that I mean ones that came before the 80s! Not that there is anything wrong, but most of those names you will be able to see at a half a dozen different shows throughout the year. But like Cinema Wasteland, Ron Adams at Monster Bash tries to do it a little different.

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