2021 Year End Review: Part 2 – Those We Have Lost, But Not Forgotten

As a movie fan, the older we get, the more names and faces we lose that have helped entertain us throughout our lives. Whether they are directors, actors, makeup artists, cinematographers, or set designers, they all helped create something magical to entertain us, whether it was scaring us, making us nervous or filled with anxiety, laugh, cry, or even enlightening us, making us want to be better people. For those brief moments of their work, we are forever grateful. Thankfully, most of those memories are permanently recorded and can be experienced time and time again, whenever we want, as well as them being there to do the same thing for newer audiences every single year. While we are bound lose such great talent through the passage of time, as movie fans, we can rest assured that we will help keep their memory, and their work, alive for decades to come.

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Robert Hall – Rest in Peace

It’s always sad to hear of the passing of someone from the horror genre, especially when they are incredibly talented, but even sadder when they are so young. Makeup artists (and so much more) Robert Hall passed away on Monday at the age of 47. No details beyond that on his death, but he leaves a massive filmography of work from a ton of films, not just as a effects artists, but as a director as well. The somewhat biographical Lightning Bug (2004) to his pair of slasher flicks Laid to Rest and Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2, showed his range in the industry. But just looking at the number of films the he did special makeup effects on, from low budget pictures to big Hollywood ones, is just staggering. Which makes this news such a damn tragedy.

We got to meet Hall at the HorrorHound convention in March of 2011 and really enjoyed his Q&A, giving the audience a insight to what he does. Such a nice guy and such a lost. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family during this difficult time.