Turkey Day in May 2022

For the last two years, due to the pandemic, we’ve been holding our bi-annual Turkey Day Marathon online. It has sucked not being able to have that gathering of friends, but we all need to keep each other safe. This year however, not only did I decide to go back to holding an in-person event like we used to, but because of concerns of having too many people all crammed into my movie room, I decided to break it up over both Saturday and Sunday, with the same movies but with a different set of people each day. That’s right, that meant I was going to personally have to watch the same Turkeys two days in a row. Not an idea that I completely thought through. And . . . now that it is over, will be the last time!

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Horror History: Robert Clarke

robertclarkeRobert Clarke
Born June 1st, 1920 – Died June 11th, 2005

Robert Clarke was one of those actors who was in countless films, but for some reason, very few remember him. He made a career out of acting, but sometimes that might just have been playing a guy in the background or walking through the shot. Other times he had bigger roles, working along side some of the greatest names in Hollywood, like Frederic March and John Wayne. In the horror genre, he worked with pretty much all of the greats, like Karloff, Chaney Jr., Carradine, and more. But unfortunately, for some reason, his name is just not that well known. So let’s change that.

Though he made quite a few westerns, Clarke is probably remember more from cult horror/sci-fi fans because of the few genre pics that he did back in the ’50s, such as The Man From Planet X (1951) and The Hideous Sun Demon, which Clarke also co-wrote, co-produced, co-directed as well as playing the title character! So while he may be the epitome of a B-Movie actor, it is for that reason that he is still remembered by cult fans to this day. So let us keep his memory alive!