F@#K REMAKES – HorrorHound Weekend…Part 2

blobSaturday night during this recent HorrorHound Weekend, some friends and I were hanging out at the hotel discussing the future of the world and other such stimulating topics, when a guy came up to join our little group. He was passing out little buttons that said “Fuck Remakes” and went to give me one, asking if I liked remakes. When I replied that not all are bad, he withdrew the offer. I then noticed he was wearing a t-shirt with the same moniker. Then the discussion began. Now, it is kind of ironic that while I’m reaching an age where grumpiness and generally being an asshole becomes a normal mood, but at the same time, I’m a lot more tolerant on topics and ideas that in my youth I would have rallied against, much like this recent addition to our group. When I threw out titles like Carpenter’s The Thing or Cronenberg’s The Fly, or Chuck Russell’s The Blob, he blew those off commenting that he thinks the studios would be better off putting time and money into projects that were original. I totally agree with him on that, as well as some of the other points he was making.

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