Poster Art Lives!

I never thought I would see the day for movie poster art, I mean REAL poster art, make a comeback. Granted, these are not being made for new theatrical releases, but expensive limited edition prints and such. But maybe one day the studios will start to take notice and move in that direction. We can have hope, right?

The reason for this posting is that I came across the recent piece of incredible art that Graham Humphreys posted that he did for an upcoming release of James Whale’s Old Dark House. Just look at the detail in this! Just stunning. I know if they were selling prints of this, I’d be ordering one asap!

Old Dark House - Humphreys

And with more and more poster books that keep coming out, maybe this will help as well, when the attention to the actual artwork that this amazing artists created, sometimes even going uncredited, will get the come full circle, giving them their props, as well as maybe starting a new trend. Like I said, we can have hope, right?