Paul Kelman – Rest in Peace

With all the slasher films that came out in the late ’70s and early ’80s, one of my favorites has always been My Bloody Valentine (1981). Not sure if it was because the location where the killer was stalking was different than all the summer camp ones, or that the killer looked so damn scary in all that miner getup, but either way, I think the film worked, and still works, even today. But we recently lost a cast member from that memorable film, Paul Kelman, who played T.J., one of the minors stuck down deep in the earth with a killer with a pitchfork!

While he only played in one other horror title, Black Roses (1988), he will still be remembered from fans, not only because of that role, but also his relationship with his fans. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family during this difficult time.

Notes from the Krypt…

As you’d expect, this is a busy month for us. With events going on every weekend, not to mention coming into Chicago every Monday for something as well, the days are just flying by. Not a bad thing, mind you, but really tough to squeeze in some good horror flicks with all this going on. But this is the path we choose, right?

my bloody valentine1


Last weekend, we were in Strongsville, OH for the 18th year at Cinema Wasteland. Hard to believe it has been going on that long and still continues to be a great time. The draw this year was for a reunion for a favorite of mine, the original My Bloody Valentine (1981) and the Q&A was very informative and entertaining. Although I must admit being a little depressed when they asked a packed room right before the screening of the film, just how many people there have never seen the film before, and about two thirds of the room raised their hands. I would have thought this would have been key film to watch during your slasher education. Or at least, if you were going to a convention that the main guest lineup was a cast reunion from a film you hadn’t seen…that you’d watch it before the show! Sorry…Old Man Kitley is coming out again. Times for my meds.

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Interview: Michael Wandmacher

Since we are huge fans of horror soundtracks, when the opportunity presented itself to get an interview with composer Wandmacher, we jumped at the chance. Wandmacher is the composer of one of our favorite scores, Cry Wolf. But he has also done a lot of work in the horror and sci-fi genre, as well as just about all other genres out there.

I’ve been a fan of movie music, so I figured I knew a little bit about it. But after this interview, I was amazed how little I really knew about the process. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when the composer is a big fan of the horror and sci-fi genres to begin with. That just made the interview even more interesting for everyone.

This interview was conducted on Dec. 13th, 2008.

Kitley’s Krypt: How did you get started in composing music for films?

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