Soundtrack Review: Big Bad Wolves



Big Bad Wolves
Released by Moviescore Media, 2014

18 Tracks with a total running time of 54:16 min.
Music Composed by Frank Ilfman

When I first got this soundtrack to review, I hadn’t even heard of this movie, or even the composer. After reading the synopsis of it, it did have me intrigued. What is fascinating is that for a movie that has a pretty brutal storyline, about a father torturing a man who think believe is responsible for the sadistic murder of his child, the soundtrack that accompanies it is oddly enough very beautiful. Though there are tracks that do give you a hint of what this movie is about, such as in the track Scream for Me. This starts out slowly before building up the pace and volume, raising the tension as it does.

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Soundtrack Review: Let the Right One In


Let the Right One In Soundtrack

Let the Right One In
Release by Moviescore Media
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 46 min.
Music composed by Johan Soderqvist

Seeing this movie the first time, the music blended in so well, that I didn’t even realize how effective it was until I had gotten the score and listened to it by itself. Wow.

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Soundtrack Review: Trigger Man / The Roost

triggermanTrigger Man / The Roost
Released by Moviescore Media

21 Tracks with a total running time of 43 min.
Composed by Jeff Grace

Strange how a soundtrack could make you go back and revisit a film that you had turned off the first time you attempted to watch it because it was terrible. That is what happened with me and Ti West’s Trigger Man. I got through the first ten minutes and couldn’t go any further. Sometime later, I had picked up Grace’s score for Stakeland and was really impressed with it. So I started to look up some of this other scores and came across this CD that had both Trigger Man and The Roost on it for a pretty cheap price, so I figured what the hell.

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