Weekend of Terror 5 at the Mahoning Drive-In

The Mahoning Drive-In continues to program some amazing lineups at their theater. Unfortunately for me, it is located on the far east side of Pennsylvania, which would be about a 11+ hour drive (one way) for me to attend. Otherwise, I would definitely be there for this. But for those of you that are closer, here’s the amazing lineup they have announced:

Friday, Sept. 25th:
Deep Red (1975)
The Psychic (1977)
Torso (1973)

Saturday, Sept. 26th:
House on the Edge of the Park (1980)
New York Ripper (1982)
Buio Omega (1979)

Sunday, Sept. 27th:
Beyond the Door (1974)
Beyond the Door II (1977)

If only I had hit the lotto and could just spend my days traveling from drive-in to drive-in….

For all the information about this event and the Mahoning Drive-In, just click HERE.

At the Drive-In Documentary

Readers of the Krypt know of my love for the drive-in theaters and also my continued hope to get more people to go out and support the few that are still around. With the recent news that one of our local drive-ins, The Cascade in West Chicago, IL, will not be opening back up this year due to the property owners didn’t want them to open again, putting the land up for sale, has really bummed me out. Then I hear about this new documentary coming out called At the Drive-In, and it gives me hope.

This documentary about one The Mahoning Drive-In, located in Lehighton, PA, which has been running since 1949. In 2014, when the movie studios went completely digital, it forced theaters to even spend the $50,000 on a digital projector, or not play new titles. The Mahoning couldn’t afford to buy a new projector and have decided to keep playing older titles that are still available on 35mm. This documentary is about that time when they weren’t sure what they were going to do. Check out the trailer below.

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Drive-In Madness at the Mahoning!

While I’m patiently waiting for the Skyline Drive-In in Shelbyville, IN to post their lineup for this years Super Monster Movie Fest, there are a couple of other great movie fests coming up at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Pennsylvania. While it’s a mere 12-hour drive for me, I’ve done crazier things in my life. But here’s what they have their docket.

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Support the Drive-In…Eat THEIR Food!

Drive In Lose Money

We recently came across this photo on Facebook and it prompted me to take a few minutes to try and help get this point out there to a few more people, and try to help explain why this is a very important message. Regular visitors to the Krypt know my love for the Drive-In Theaters, especially when they have their all night horror movie marathons! Trust me, one does not drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to watch movies outside out of boredom. There is just something about the drive-in and the experience of the whole thing. I keep using the term “experience” because it really is. From sitting in your car (or out in front of it on lawn chairs), to the atmosphere, the food, the people, everything about it adds up to a great night, and one that takes you back to a different era. Maybe it was because I grew up going to these as a teenager that it reminds me of those times when I visit them today.

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Dead End Drive-In!

Mahoning Drivein zombiefest 2

Not only am I a sucker for drive-ins, but when they throw these all night movie marathons, I get giddy like a school girl! Of course, what sucks about this one is that is way the hell over in Pennsylvania! But the fine folks at the Mahoning Drive-In are having their 2nd Zombie Fest this Memorial Day weekend with three nights of undead terror! While I prefer my all night horror marathons to be more than just three features, they still have one hell of a line up of classic zombie horror flicks. Check out what they have lined up:

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