Help Support Phil’s Ride!

Phil's RideIf you’ve been going to horror conventions for a few years, you’ve probably seen Phil Meenan around. He’s pretty easy to spot (unless he’s wearing his giant Frankenstein head), covered in horror tattoos, and just hanging out. Or you might have seen him on the first part of Shout Factory’s Horror Hunters show, where you can see his unbelievable monster collection. I’ve known Phil for over two decades and I can’t think of someone who is a complete opposite of what one might think of when you see Phil. He’s one of the friendliest, giving, and funny people that I have the great honor in calling a friend.

But now Phil is facing a monstrous task that is scarier than any character tattooed on his body. He has decided to do try and raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In fact, his goal is to raise $21,000. And just how is he going to do this? By riding his bike from Chicago to Hollywood California, which is 2100 miles. This is a journey that he is making on his single gear bike, by himself, at the end of March of next year.

I personally think Phil is crazy, but then again, I thought that even before he decided to take on this task! But I can’t be more proud of him for what he’s trying to do and to raise money for a great cause. There is not a person alive that hasn’t not been affected by cancer in some form or another, either personally or a friend or loved one that has had to deal with it. So check out his donation page by clicking HERE and give something if you can. I know this is the holiday season and money is tight, but even a few dollars can help get Phil to his goal. Once he starts his journey next March, he will be posting updates as he goes, with I’m sure plenty of photos.

So take a few minutes to look over his page and give what you can.