Soundtrack Review: Undead

Released in 2005 by La-La Land Records
17 Tracks, with a total running time of 51:40 min.
Music composed by Cliff Bradley

While we usually prefer our soundtracks to be on the creepy side, but when the director’s wanted to have the score to have a quirky 50s sci-fi feel to it, composer Bradley nailed it. It sounds a little like something from an early Tim Burton / Danny Elfman film, but Bradley has given it his own style and flare and it works really well.

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Soundtrack Review: From Beyond

From_BeyondFrom Beyond
Released 2003 by La-La Land Records
13 Tracks, with a total running time of 46:06 min.
Music composed by Richard Band

At my very first horror convention, back in 1988 which took place in California, I had picked up the soundtrack for this on LP and I immediately fell in love with it. Composer Richard Band created a score that has a perfect combination of a science feel but still being able to create some very creepy elements to it. I was very bummed when I got rid of my albums and had to wait more than a few years for this to get an official release on CD, which I picked up right when it came out. Continue reading

Soundtrack Review: Rest Stop – Don’t Look Back

reststop2Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back
Released by La-La Land Records, 2008
20 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 64:38 min.
Music Composed by Bear McCreary

I believe this was my second Bear McCreary score that I was reviewing and once again was amazed at the sounds coming from it, not to mention how different it was from what I was expecting. This is really almost a blues album instead of a soundtrack, but that is the beauty of it… it still works extremely well as a creepy score!

Now there are a few tracks that are regular songs, 5 of them in all, which for me was a distraction from the actual score. One track, Jesus, He Forgives You Too, has the singer listed as Rev. Buford “Buck” Davis, but damn if it doesn’t sound like Weird Al Yankovic. They are part of the overall picture, so I can’t really complain. But the tracks that are just the straight background music makes this score one of my favorites. He is able to create mood and atmosphere by some of the strangest sounds, such as the track On the Bus, almost like guitar strings being pulled and stretched, then breaking into a guitar riff and melody. Very effective. Not sure if a banjo was used at times to come up with some of the sounds, but it amazes me the sounds that McCreary can create that work so well as a musical score. This one remains one of my favorites. It has it all, creepy and atmospheric, with a nice bluesy sound to it.

Soundtrack Review: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

wrongturn2cdWrong Turn 2: Dead End
Released by La-La Land Records, 2007
16 Tracks, with a total running time of 52:07 min.
Music by Bear McCreary

When you receive a soundtrack to review, entitled Wrong Turn 2, which was a made-for-DVD release, my expectations weren’t that high, for the movie itself, let alone the score. But I think this was my introduction to the incredible talent that is Bear McCreary, which quickly showed me how wrong my expectations were.

If I would have told you that you were going to hear a scary soundtrack that heavily featured a banjo for the main instrument, you’d think I was crazy. But listen to this score and tell me I’m wrong. The only Main Title, starting with some background noises, such as a pounding or thumping, we then hear a distorted banjo sound. Now, I may be wrong in whether this is a banjo, but it sounds like it, so that’s what I’m going with. Anyhow… you have this eerie twanging going on, then is combined with a whistling that really creates almost like a Morricone western score, except if it was made in Louisiana! Continue reading

Sounds of the Season!

I swear, if it’s not all the new books coming out that is trying to get my money, it is the soundtracks! Between the scores I already ordered for titles like The Last Shark, The Witch and The Lighthouse (even before I’ve seen it?!?!?), I came across these two that I had no choice but to order! I mean, how can a lover of Italian horror and classic Universal monsters not have these two in your collection?

The first one is for Michele Soavi’s film La Setta (1991), also known as The Sect, or The Devil’s Daughter, depending on which release you got a hold of. With the score by Pino Donaggio, part of this was released on an earlier version by Cinevox, this release now contains 9 more tracks that have never been released before. It also focuses on Donaggio part of the score, where he even plays violin on it. This release is also limited to 500 copies, so if you’re a fan of this movie and/or the composer, I wouldn’t wait too long. The price is $19.95 and is available through Screen Archives Entertainment. Continue reading

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Music!

Friday the 13th part 6La-La Land Records is releasing Harry Manfredini’s  score for Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives! This score was previously released in the Friday the 13th Box set, but now you can order it by itself. Not only does Manfredini bring back his famous score back to life but this time he is accompanied by the largest orchestra he had to work yet for this film series! Mastered by James Nelson, the release contains liner notes by writer Brian Satterwhite and art design by Dan Goldwasser.

The release is only $15.95 and will start shipping out this Friday the 13th. And if you order quick enough, they have a limited amount of that are autographed by Manfredini. Continue reading

The Sentinel Soundtrack Released

Sentinel CDNever before available (officially, that is) in any format, Gil Mellé’s score for the 1977 Michael Winner film The Sentinel is finally getting a release, all thanks to La-La Land Records and Universal Studios, in their latest title in their Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection. This release will have the complete score, which is 56:27 minutes, with an additional 16:33 minutes of bonus and musical effects cues. Jeff Bond and James Phillips wrote the exclusive and in-depth liner notes.

Limited to only 3000 units, you may want to order yours now to make sure you get a copy. I know I just did. And while you’re at La-La Land Records site (by clicking HERE), check out their other discs, because I found quite a few great titles at some really good prices!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula 3-CD Special Edition

Bram Stoker's Dracula Lucy

This really must be the year for special edition soundtracks for Dracula films. Recently Varèse Sarabande had released a 2-CD special edition set of John Williams’ score for the 1979 version of Dracula, which we promptly pre-ordered the minute we heard that news since that has always been a favorite score of mine. And now, thanks to the fine folks at La-La Land Records, they will be releasing a 3-CD set for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), giving us fans almost 3 1/2 hours of this incredible music from Wojciech Kilar.

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Friday the 13th Soundtrack Fans?

Friday 4 & 5La-La Land Records have released the scores for Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Part V: A New Beginning on one double disc release, priced at only $19.95! The first disc for Friday IV, has 52 minutes of the score with 18 tracks. The second disc, for Friday V, has 24 tracks and runs 48 minutes. Both feature scores by the amazing Harry Manfredini, who continues the fun that he started with the very first film. Both of these versions are the same as the ones that were released in the now out-of-print Friday the 13th box set that included the first 6 films. So if you missed out on that, now is your chance to pick up these two!

And to make it even more of an interesting deal, La-La Land is having a 25% off your entire order sale up until July 22nd. So don’t wait too long! Head over to their website HERE.

Soundtrack Review: Creepshow

Released by La-La Land Records
First in 2003 & then again in 2014 in an expanded edition

Original release has 14 tracks with a Total Running Time of 1:06:49 min.
Expanded release has 48 tracks with a Total Running Time of 75 min.
Composed and Performed by John Harrison

George Romero and Stephen King made this movie as a homage to the old EC Comics of the ’50s, such as Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror. Listening to Harrison’s score for this movie is just like reading through the comics yourself. The eerie sounds both in and around the music is incredible, making this one of my favorite scores of all time. Granted, the film itself in one of my favorites, so the music just adds to that.

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