Turkey Day in May 2017 – The “Best Of”


For our third year of doing our newer T-Day event in May, I decided to do something a little different. Since there have been quite a few movies screened over the last fourteen years, I know there were more than a few that some of the other participates had missed. So we decided to do a Best Of this time out. I sent out the list of all the movies that had been screen previously, and had everyone pick three titles they’d like to see in the lineup.  There were six films that got more than one vote, so we went with those. I know we usually try to get through seven titles, but this year was a little different and a little more relaxed.

Turkey Day in May 2017

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Turkey Day 2007

Another year and another trip down the slippery slope of cinematic mishaps, misfires, and just plan screw ups.  Joining me once again was Dr. AC, who has become my ally and trusted companion on these trips to the ends of good taste and good movies, watching each other’s backs while we trudge along this journey some would call madness.  But we feel that it’s our duty to tackle these turkeys by the giblets and show them just who is stronger!  But let’s get on to the movies!

KillDozerKilldozer (1974) – Growing up in the ‘70s, I was able to watch a lot of great made-for-TV movies that were being produced at the time.  As well as some…not-so-good ones.  A lot like the idea for Night of the Lepus, whoever thought that a bulldozer that becomes possessed by an alien force, causing it to seek out and kill workers on an island construction site, might have thought it was a great idea.  But sometimes that spark of genius needs to be thought out a little bit more.  Even more surprising when it was based on a short story by noted sci-fi writer Theodore Sturgeon, who ever worked on the teleplay.

The idea of a bulldozer being able to sneak up on anybody other than blind people who are too numb to feel the ground shake, it about as silly as you can get.  But that didn’t stop them from making Killdozer.  This is a great example of what could get back bade in that time.  Western regular Clint Walker stars as a foreman trying to get his life and career back after a bout with alcoholism.  So when the weird stuff starts to happen, he knows nobody will believe him.  The film co-stars future TV star Robert Urich, James Wainwright, and the always memorable Neville Brand.

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