Burying the Ex Soundtrack Review

burying-the-excdBurying the Ex
Released by Lakeshore Records
25 Tracks with a total running time of 45 min.
Music by Joseph LoDuca

This score caught me totally off guard. It seems to borrow several different genres out there, but makes them blend together to where they work. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this score, since I was pretty familiar with LoDuca’s work from the Evil Dead films but was very impressed.

Hearing this score without seeing the movie really has me curious since the music does seem to jump around into different styles. Right away with the first track, we get a gothic feel, almost like a Tim Burton film or something like that. But then later on, like on track #5 The Bitch is Back, we get a bit of music that could almost be in a Pink Panther movie, or maybe even a detective picture. Very unique but highly entertaining. Then later on, we get tracks that have a bluesy sound to them, adding even more layers to this score. Track # 11 Breakfast Sex almost makes feel like it something from Joe Satriani! That’s how diverse this score is! The last track, a musical number called Poison Love, seems to be a slight parody of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, but still is a fun track.

I think this shows the wide range and talent that LoDuca has, by being able to go from what style to another, but still nail it each and every time. Very impressive. This is going to make me want to check out more of his work.