Movie Review: Coherence (2013)

coherenceposterCoherence (2013)
Directed by James Ward Byrkit
Starring Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon, Lorene Scafaria, Elizabeth Gracen, Hugo Armstrong, Alex Manugian, Lauren Maher

It doesn’t happen too often these days, when a movie that you know nothing about completely blows you away. A movie that captures your attention, your admiration, and carries you through to the end credits while you anxiously await what happens next. Coherence is one of those films.

Without giving anything away, the movie is simply about a group of friends getting together for a dinner party during an evening when a comet is passing by the Earth rather closely. When the power goes out, they go outside to take a look around the neighborhood and notice one house down the street that still has power. But once a couple of them walk down there to investigate, things get a little strange.

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