Jaws Soundtrack Review: 2-Disc Special Edition Release

Released by Intrada, 2015
2-Disc Special Edition. Disc 1 features 36 Tracks with a total running time of 69 min. & Disc 2 features 18 tracks with 45 min.
Music Composted and Conducted by John Williams

Jaws is one of the perfect examples when a soundtrack actually is so powerful that it in itself, becomes so recognizable, so commanding and potent, that just hearing the first two notes of the opening theme can send chills up the spine. That, my friends, is an effective soundtrack at its finest. Sure, it might have something to do with the fact that Jaws scared the living crap out of me when I first seen it as a kid, but this score still remains one of those that upon hearing it, immediately puts me back in that theater seat all those years ago, making my stomach tighten with knots, tension rising, and nervousness ready to jump overboard. Even when this score has been parodied over and over again, it still hasn’t lost its impact.

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Devilish Driving Tunes

Just read that these two soundtracks are getting a release on CD. All I can say is…Wow. Never thought I would ever see the day that someone would put out the score for the 1977 film The Car. I can still remember seeing the TV trailer for this movie, because I couldn’t get anybody to take me to see the actual movie, so the trailer was all I had. But once I finally did get to see it, I just loved it. But now, thanks to Intrada, we’ll get to hear it. I am very excited to see what this score by Leonard Rosenman is going to entail. I can only hope that one track features that mind-jarring horn from the Car.

Also, Intrada is putting out Billy Goldenberg’s score for Duel, one of the best made-for-TV movies ever.

For more information, head over to Intrada’s website HERE.

thecar duel