Andrée Melly – Rest in Peace

Andree Melly - RIPFor fans of Hammer Films, especially The Brides of Dracula (1960), you knew the stunning beauty that was Andrée Melly, who appeared as one of the brides. This was her only Hammer film, but she also appeared in another Terence Fisher film, The Horror of It All (1964), alongside Pat Boone and Dennis Price. But one couldn’t watch Brides and not be enamored with her, along with Marie Devereux as the other bride (who we also recently lost last December). Seeing them transformed from young school girls to fanged creatures of the night, they once again showed why Hammer Films are still be watched and remembered with so much fondness today.

Melly passed away on January 31st, at the age of 87. She will be missed but always remembered for her brief film career. Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.

Notes from the Krypt…

As you’d expect, this is a busy month for us. With events going on every weekend, not to mention coming into Chicago every Monday for something as well, the days are just flying by. Not a bad thing, mind you, but really tough to squeeze in some good horror flicks with all this going on. But this is the path we choose, right?

my bloody valentine1


Last weekend, we were in Strongsville, OH for the 18th year at Cinema Wasteland. Hard to believe it has been going on that long and still continues to be a great time. The draw this year was for a reunion for a favorite of mine, the original My Bloody Valentine (1981) and the Q&A was very informative and entertaining. Although I must admit being a little depressed when they asked a packed room right before the screening of the film, just how many people there have never seen the film before, and about two thirds of the room raised their hands. I would have thought this would have been key film to watch during your slasher education. Or at least, if you were going to a convention that the main guest lineup was a cast reunion from a film you hadn’t seen…that you’d watch it before the show! Sorry…Old Man Kitley is coming out again. Times for my meds.

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24 Hours of Madness…The Music Box of Horrors!

Every October, the Music Box Theatre in Chicago unleashes it’s 24-hour horror movie marathon, something they have been doing for over 10 years. And this October 24th, they are getting ready to do it once again. But this time out, I think it might be a little different. This year, they have their new addition of the lounge in the theater, which is going to be perfect for vendors to be set up, so it won’t be as crowded between movies while people are coming and going. Plus, it will give more options for people to sit and relax while not in the theater.

Xtro_posterThey are still announcing the films, but have so far announced the following: Child’s Play 2, Deep Red (the Hatchet Murders cut), Serpent and the Rainbow, the unrated version of Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker, Jack Hill’s Spider Baby, which are all presented in 35mm prints, as well as Lon Chaney’s The Unknown, with a live organ accompaniment. Not only is this one of my favorites of Chaney’s work, but anytime you have the chance to see one of his pictures on the big screen, it really is a must. Seeing his talent on screen is just incredible.

Yes, they did drop Let Sleeping Corpses Lie from the lineup, which I have to say I was very bummed to hear. But they have added another title that is going to be a real treat. In 1982, director Harry Bromley Davenport gave us Xtro, a movie that showed us that all aliens weren’t as friendly as E.T. If you haven’t experienced this strange, gory, and trippy tale of an alien visitor, then you are in for a treat. You will see things in this movie that you probably have never seen before, like a woman giving birth to a full grown man. Let’s just say it gets a bit messy. This is also being presented from the only 35mm print known to exists. So this title alone makes it worth you coming out for this event.

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Meet Adam Rockoff – Author of The Horror of It All!

horrorofitallI know we just posted our review of Mr. Rockoff latest book recently, but he will be doing a few book signings in the next month or so in the Chicagoland and Wisconsin area. If you are nearby one of these bookstores, I would highly recommend stopping by and picking up a copy of it. It is a fun book and Adam is a great guy with plenty of great stories about the genre. Tell him we sent him.

Here’s where he will be appearing:

May 19th at Anderson’s at Two Doors East in Naperville, IL
May 20th at Boswell Books in Milwaukee, WI
May 21st at The Book Cellar in Chicago, IL
July 20th at the Madison Public Library in Madison, WI