Hammer’s Dracula Scrapbook Available

dracula-scrapbook-frontPeveril Publishing’s latest must-have edition, The Hammer Dracula Scrapbook, is now available for order. Keep in mind, there are only 600 copies of this available so if you have ANY desire to order this, you might want to do it now. Once their books go out-of-print, the prices just get ridiculous.

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Peveril Continues Their Quest to Make Me Broke!

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 2Some time ago, we posted a little announcement about a new book coming from Peveril Publishing, called The Hammer Dracula Scapbook. Now they are still working on their on-going series of Fantastic Films of the Decades series, with volumes 1 (the Silent Era) and 2 (the 1930s), and have another 7 volumes planned out. While a bit pricey to get them from across the pond, they are worth every penny. Beautifully laid out, filled with glorious photos and tons of information.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for them to have us fans drooling over the next installment. They go ahead and announce this Hammer Dracula Scrapbook, that will have a “lavish tome full of rare images, posters, lobby cards, advertising materials, set design drawings, script pages, schedules, documents, contracts and other assorted ephemera from Hammer’s Christopher Lee Dracula series.” But silly me, it didn’t dawn on me that this was going to be just the first in its own series. Following this title will be The Hammer Frankenstein Scrapbook, the Hammer Vampire Scrapbook, the Hammer Monster Scrapbook ( covering the misc. beasties like mummies, werewoves, zombies, reptiles etc). and lastly, The Hammer Sci Fi Scrapbook.

So in other words, time to start looking for that part time job…

For all the latest details about Peveril Publishing, you can check out their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE.