Friday Favorites: GODZILLA

I’m sure everyone has either seen the trailer for the new Godzilla vs Kong movie, or at least know it is out there and have been avoiding it, either because of spoilers or you’re just not interested. So I figured it would be the perfect time to discuss some of Big G’s films. Once again, let us remember that since Godzilla has been around for over half a century, there can be many reasons why a particular time frame is your favorite. Doesn’t mean its a better film to everyone, but holds something special to you. This is where a lot of film criticism and fandom can get a bit dicey because we tend to think if some doesn’t agree with you, they just don’t get it. I know I’ve jokingly said that many times, but I’ve also said and truly believe that you can’t have a wrong opinion. Continue reading

Scary Movie Mondays at the Starlite Drive-In!

It seems more and more of these drive-ins are holding events that keep tempting me to take more road trips! Once I hit the lotto, that is exactly what I’ll be doing, in between hitting on these old book stores!

Anyway, starting next Monday, the Starlite Drive-In, located in Wichita, KS, they will be having double and triple features  each week through most of October, with some really choice titles. If there is anyway I could get down there to see Godzilla vs Megalon on the big screen, I would definitely be there. You can see all the features below on the ad, or you can head over to their Facebook Events page HERE. If you’re in the area and can make it, I will be very envious of you!