Naschy News!

When the first couple of Paul Naschy movie titles first hit Blu-ray, even the biggest fan out there couldn’t not have a clue of just how many of those titles were going to continue to come out in that format. Some titles even hitting the digital format for the very first time, while some never even officially released here in the states. So grainy multi-generation bootlegs is all that we had to deal with. But thanks to companies like Shout Factory, Scorpion Releasing, Mondo Macabro, and others, they continue to show the care that these movies deserve, and putting out some amazing releases, helping to save these from moving into obscurity.

Today, Mondo Macabro announced two more Naschy titles they will be releasing some time next year. The first one is El aullido del diablo, better known as Howl of the Devil (1988), co-starring Howard Vernon and Caroline Munro, who told me that Naschy was “a huge favorite of mine to work with.” In the film, Naschy appears as more than a few of the classic monsters, from Frankenstein’s creature to the wolf man, Quasimodo the Hunchback to the Devil himself. This was one that fans have been dealing with shabby looking bootlegs for years. But now, it will get an official release for the first time anywhere in the world, AND a 4K restoration from a recently discovered negative. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Paul Naschy!!!

Back on this day, in 1934, Jacinto Molina was born. He would later adopt the name of Paul Naschy for his film work, which happened to be massive by the time of his death in 2009. He wasn’t just an actor, writer, and director, but he was one of us… a lover of the horror genre. I can’t think of too many other people in the industry that has created the work he had in his lifetime, dedicated to this “cinéma fantastique”, as he referred to it. That really puts him in the icon status. Not to mention that he made a hell of a lot of entertaining films! Continue reading

Naschy Worship!

putrid-NaschyWolfmanAs many conventions and movie events that I’d go to every year, it was pretty rare when I would see someone wearing a Paul Naschy T-Shirt. For two reasons really. While he had a strong following, it wasn’t as strong as it should be. Plus, even more important, there just hardly any Naschy shirts available. So I decided to try and change that and had my friend and uber talented artist Putrid (aka Matt Carr) do an original Naschy piece for me that I could put on some T-shifts, which is the artwork on the right.

I did sell out of them, but it did take a few years. But starting sometime after that, I would start to see more and more. Granted, with some of the DVDs and Blu-ray releases of his films coming out, his fan base started to grow. Anytime I saw a Naschy shirt, I would always pick one up. Of course, due to the talented work of Gerardo Moreno and the Official Paul Naschy Shop (just click HERE), there are plenty of designs to choose from! And as you can see from the photo below, I have more than a few Naschy shirts now in my collection. In fact, I can wear a different shirt each day for over 2 weeks!!!

So whenever the shows do start back up, I hope to see more and more fans out there wearing their Naschy shirt with pride, no matter which one it is! I know I will be!

Naschy shirt collection

Interview: Sergio Molina


I normally don’t like to celebrate or make note of the passing of a celebrity because it should be about remembering them and their work, not when they left us. But back in November of 2009, we lost one of the last great horror movie icons: Jacinto Molina, better known as Paul Naschy. People who know me or regulars to this site know of my passion for Naschy’s work, so that loss really hit. He really is one of my horror heroes, and truly is an icon, one that I would put right up there with names like Karloff, Lugosi, Cushing, Price, and Lee. With close to 50 years worth of work in cinema, as a writer, actor, director, he created so many memorable characters, from monsters, villains, heroes, and so much more. Continue reading

Paul Naschy Shirts & Posters!

Naschy Shop 2

We recently came across the Paul Naschy Official Shop, and were just blown away at the artwork on there. So much so that we immediately ordered a T-shirt and a poster print, which was then immediately framed and hung once the poster arrived. They have a wide variety of different images that you can get on a shirt, poster, or many different options. Head over to their website HERE and see all the different items they have, from werewolves, devils, vampires, and so much more.

The artist is Gerardo Moreno and he continues to do an excellent job keeping Naschy’s memory alive and well.