Horror History: George Woodbridge

woodbridgeGeorge Woodbridge
Born Feb. 16th, 1907 – Died Mar. 31st, 1973

Woodbridge was one of those English character actors that we’d always see in the background or in bit parts, like in a more than a few Hammer films. Usually playing an innkeeper or maybe a policeman, even if only in the film a short time, he always help fill out the picture with interesting characters. With his booming voice, he had always made a last impression with me, though never really knew his name. So we’re trying to change that here today.

Woodbridge appeared in over 140 movies and television programs. His last appearance was in a children’s television program called Inigo Pipkin, where Woodbridge played the title character who was a puppet maker, who created such characters as Hartley Hare, George the tortoise, Topov the monkey, and Octvia the ostrich. The show was a success, but Woodbridge died of a heart attack while starting the second season. This was the first children’s program to deal with death, by saying character of the actor who passed away actually died as well, writing into the story, explaining to the viewers that the puppet creator had died. This was quite a few years before Sesame Street did the same thing when the actor playing Mr. Hooper passed away.

But at least we still have his movie appearances that will always put a smile on my face and remember this larger than life actor.