2017 Year End Review Part 2: In Remembrance

As horror fans, we lost some huge icons this last year. Some were older and some went way too soon. But because of their work in cinema, they will never entirely be gone from us. We can always pop in a DVD or Blu-ray and they will be just as alive as we remembered, giving us even more entertainment than before.

Being a fan of cinema for any length of time, you would think one could get used to losing some of their movie heroes and idols, but it still hurts when you ponder “what if they were to make just one more film?” Being a fan of cinema also helps keep their memory of what they did make alive and well. And by continuing to sing their praises, we can introduce them to the next generation of cinema lovers, so they can experience the same joy that we did, and still do, each and every time we bust out one of their movies.

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George Kosana – Rest in Peace

george-kosana1-ripWell 2017, that didn’t take long.

The name of George Kosana might not ring a bell with some movie fans. Or even the name Sheriff McClelland, which is what he’s known for. But if you say the line “Yeah, they’re dead. They’re… all messed up”, then they will know who you’re talking about. Kosana plays the sheriff in Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. He did appear in a few other films afterwards, such as There’s Always Vanilla (1971), another Romero film, as well as a couple other low budget titles. Kosana recently passed away after battling several different illnesses, according to lifelong friend, John Russo.

That is the sad part of a film that is almost 50 years old, that we are losing more and more people that were part of making that film so great. We had met George a few times over the years at different conventions. He was always so nice and friendly and loved talking to his fans. While he might be an icon, he is definitely and important part and will be missed.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.