Horror History: George Barrows

georgebarrowsGeorge Barrows
Born Feb. 7th, 1914 – Died Oct. 17th, 1994

George Barrows is most known for the roles he played where you didn’t even see his face. He was one of those ‘guys in a gorilla suit’. But not just that, he was one of the BEST in that league, appearing in tons of movies and TV shows as a gorilla. Barrows actually had made his own suit, and spent quite a bit of time studying real gorillas to get their movements down. Of course, one of his most famous roles was that in the the 1953 film Robot Monster.

George-Barrows-Addams-Family-1He also appeared in plenty of shows and movies in small bit parts, as well as working as a stuntman. He is one of those “men in suit” guys that never received proper screen credit for the hard work that they did over the years, only because they were hidden underneath their costume. This is something that needs to be changed.

Book Review: I Cannot, Yet I Must

Robot Monster Book

I Cannot, Yet I Must: The True Story of the Best Bad Monster Movie of All Time
by Anders Runestad
Published by Radiosonde Books, 2015. 680 Pages.

“I cannot – yet I must. How do you calculate that?
At what point on the graph do “must” and “cannot” meet? Yet I must – but I cannot!”

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Movie Review: Men in Suits

Men in Suits
Directed by Frank H. Woodward
Starring Doug Jones, Brian Steele, Tom Woodruff Jr., Douglas Tait, Haruo Nakajima, Bob Burns, Misty Rosas, Camden Toy, Bobby Clark, Van Snowden, Alec Gillis, Michelan Sisti, Arturo Gil

After years of going to conventions and hearing the stories from the stuntmen that appear there, as well as reading different biographies, I really learned quite a bit of what goes on behind the curtain on filmmaking and what some of these people go through with really no credit. Damn shame, really. But over the last few years, there is another group of  very talented and hard working people that have been coming to the forefront, trying to get the credit that they also so richly deserve. That group of people are the men (and women) in suits.

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