2016 Year in Review – Part 1: Those To Remember


One thing is for sure about 2016, we have lost way too many genre favorites. From actors to directors to artists to cinematographers and everyone else in between….just way too many. There were some that I consider icons, such as Herchell Gordon Lewis, who paved the way for thousands of young filmmakers. Actor Don Calfa appeared in so many sitcoms and movies but was still able to come up with so many wonderful characters. Then we have Angus Scrimm, who really only appeared in a handful of features, but it only took one role for him to forever be remembered in the hearts of us horror fans. And while actor/writer Gene Wilder was mainly known for his comedic side, along with Mel Brooks, he gave us one of the best tributes to the classic Frankenstein pictures.

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Frank Finlay – Rest in Peace

Frank Finlay-RIPWe meant to post this earlier this week but time just got away from us. But we hope to make up for it now. While Frank Finlay might have been known for his stage work, as well as plenty of TV work for the BBC, he did appear in enough horror titles that is worth noting.

He first got my attention for his portrayal of Van Helsing in the BBC’s 1977 adaptation of Count Dracula, starring Louis Jourdan as his rival. But even before that, he had appeared in such titles like The Deadly Bees (1966), Twisted Nerve (1968), and Neither the Sea Nor the Sand (1972). But it was his role in Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce that most American fans would recognize him from. While it has it’s issues, it is a much better film that Finlay’s last horror film, in Juan Piquer Simón’s Cthulhu Mansion (1992)!

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