Opinions, Opinions, and More Opinions

There is a new book that just came out called 40s Universal Monsters: A Critical Commentary, covering all of the monster films that Universal put out during that decade. Author John T. Soister had published a similar book back in 2001 covering the Universal films of the 30s, entitled Of Gods and Monsters: A Critical Guide to Universal’s Science Fiction, Horror and Mystery Films, 1929-1939. Now, along with contributors Henry Nicolella, Harry H. Long, & Dario Lavia, they take on the ’40s, covering 66 titles from The Invisible Man Returns to Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein.

But what does have to do with opinions? Hear me out. Looking through my own library, I have several books that deal with the early days of cinema. If we’re talking about the silent era, we have Silent Screams by Steve Haberman, or Wayne Kinsey’s entry in his incredible Fantastic Films of the Decades series, as well as Troy Howarth’s own series, Tome of Terror, who has covered the decade of the ’30s as well. Kinsey is already up to halfway through the ’40s with his ongoing series. But then I also have Universal Horrors by Tom Weaver, Michael and John Brunas, Soister’s aforementioned Of Gods and Monsters, Mank’s Hollywood Cauldron, Senn’s Golden Horrors, and even a few others titles. Then we move into the ’50s and beyond with multiple titles in each of those as well.

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Fantastic Films of the Decades – Vol. 3

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 3Coming out next month, Peveril Publishing will be unleashing the latest edition of their incredible series, Fantastic Films of the Decades – Volume 3: The 40s Part 1! We have many of Peveril’s books and they truly are works of art. Just beautiful to page through and look at the incredible layouts and photos. Of course, the information in them is just as good! And now, you can add the latest edition to your own library.

With another limited release of only 500 copies,  you don’t want to be left out. There are a few copies left of the first two volumes, so you still have a chance to get caught up, which I would highly recommend.

For more information on the release, head over to their website HERE.




Peveril Continues Their Quest to Make Me Broke!

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 2Some time ago, we posted a little announcement about a new book coming from Peveril Publishing, called The Hammer Dracula Scapbook. Now they are still working on their on-going series of Fantastic Films of the Decades series, with volumes 1 (the Silent Era) and 2 (the 1930s), and have another 7 volumes planned out. While a bit pricey to get them from across the pond, they are worth every penny. Beautifully laid out, filled with glorious photos and tons of information.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for them to have us fans drooling over the next installment. They go ahead and announce this Hammer Dracula Scrapbook, that will have a “lavish tome full of rare images, posters, lobby cards, advertising materials, set design drawings, script pages, schedules, documents, contracts and other assorted ephemera from Hammer’s Christopher Lee Dracula series.” But silly me, it didn’t dawn on me that this was going to be just the first in its own series. Following this title will be The Hammer Frankenstein Scrapbook, the Hammer Vampire Scrapbook, the Hammer Monster Scrapbook ( covering the misc. beasties like mummies, werewoves, zombies, reptiles etc). and lastly, The Hammer Sci Fi Scrapbook.

So in other words, time to start looking for that part time job…

For all the latest details about Peveril Publishing, you can check out their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE.

Fantastic Films of the Decades – Volume 2: The 1930s

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 2Just in case you’re waiting, volume 2 of this incredible series is at the printers. I made sure I a copy of the first volume (which is still available, so order now!) and was blown away by the quality. Then again, I have always been really impressed with the work that Peveril Publishing has put out.

Volumen 2 will cover the 1930s, with all the wonderful Universal monsters that made their mark all those years ago, along with other cinematic terrors from other studios. This volume has 256 pages, with tons of color images throughout it.

If you haven’t picked up the first volume yet, now is your chance to get both at the same time. Like the first one, this one is only going to be released in a 500 limited edition set. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Or you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg on the secondary market. So why wait…order NOW!

For all the info, head over to Peveril Publishing HERE.

Fantastic Films of the Decades…or Why I Will Need a Part Time Job!

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 1The fine folks at Peveril Publishing are about to unleash the first book in their massive 9 volume set called Fantastic Films of the Decades. Volume 1 will be about the Silent Era, written by Wayne Kinsey. If you have any of Kinsey’s Hammer books or magazines, then you know how amazing this book is going to be. And I for one, can’t wait to add this title, as well as the following volumes to my collection. Which is why I’m probably going to need a part-time job!

Peveril Publishing has only been around a relatively short time, but have put out some amazing titles, such as one of their last releases, The Hammer Legacy. Yes, it was a bit pricy, especially getting it shipped from the UK, but well worth every penny/pound! They haven’t posted what the price is going to be on this volume but hope it is reasonable for us in the states, which I’m sure it will be.

Each volume will be a hardcover edition, full color and limited to only 500 signed editions. I’m sure it will sell out rather quickly, just like their Hammer Legacy book, so don’t wait too long. They are not taking pre-orders just yet, but head over to their website and sign up for their newsletter that way you can be notified when they are taking orders. You can get to their website by clicking HERE.

The rest of the 9 volume series will consist of the following:

Fantastic Films of the 30’s
Fantastic Films of the 40’s
Fantastic Films of the 50’s vol 1 (1950-56)
Fantastic Films of the 50’s vol 2 (1957-59)
Fantastic Films of the 60’s vol 1 (1960-64)
Fantastic Films of the 60’s vol 2 (1965-69)
Fantastic Films of the 70’s vol 1 (1970-74)
Fantastic Films of the 70’s vol 2 (1975-79)

Oh yeah…don’t forget…Print is Dead!