Evilspeak #6 Now Out!

Evilspeak6Just when you thought it was dead and buried, Evilspeak rises from the depths of hell to deliver once again, a magazine filled with horror! Just like it always has! And issue # 6 is filled with the usually demented drooling and drawings that you’ve come to love.

Within these pages, you’ll find coverage on movies such as Night of the Demon (1980), A Candle for the Devil (1973), Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981), The Brain (1988), Seven Women for Satan (1976), Pin (1988), and more. There’s even interviews with the likes of Chris Reifert and Elizabeth Shepherd, not to mention filled with the amazing artwork through the issue.

All you need to do is click HERE to order your copy now! And if you’re missing any of the previous issues, why not order them as well before they are all gone!

End of an Era


No…the show is not stopping. Let’s get that straight right off the top. I don’t want Ken to be emailing me about misleading people! The show will go on, just not with Kitley’s Krypt there vending.

Back in September of 2000, we set up at the very first Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo, in Strongsville, Ohio. 19 years later, after 34 shows, it is still going strong. We were a dealer at that very first show and have continued to set up there since, never once missing one. In my years of going to shows, both as a fan and as a dealer, which is three decades worth, I’ve never known a show like Cinema Wasteland.

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Wasteland Survivor


For the last 18 years, we’ve been heading to Strongsville, OH for the Cinema Wasteland convention. And this last weekend was no different. Each and every time we set up there, we have a blast. Picked up more than a few Blu-rays from Diabolik DVD (which I think a lot of people coming through the door were), but came home with some great titles that I can’t wait to pop in and watch! There was a real nice crowd this year, and even though they just weren’t the book-buying crowd, we still had a blast. And that is because of these people below, plus plenty more that I didn’t get photos of.

I’ve mentioned before of our convention family and these people are part of that. They truly are one of the best part of these little gatherings. We get to talk about the recent films we’ve seen, older ones we’ve discovered, and all eager to hear other’s opinions on them. Sure there is always a little ribbing going on, but when done amongst great friends, it’s taken for what it is. And having the difference of opinions makes the conversations even more interesting. I’m sure most of us go away with a few new titles on their Need-to-Watch list each and every time.

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World Tour Continues…

Last weekend, we were at the Cinema Wasteland show and just had a blast, as usual. They were having a Night of the Living Dead reunion, but to be honest, I never even made it to a single panel. I think this was the first time I didn’t take one single picture of any guests while I was there. It might have had something to do with that I was running the table by myself for the most part, though my good buddy Scott was there to watch it when needed. But really, and especially at this show, it really is about seeing my old friends and having the time to hang out and talk about the thing that binds us all together…horror movies! It really is the highpoint of the conventions for me these days. Maybe I’m just spoiled since I’ve been going to these things for close to 30 years and not too many guests that I either haven’t seen, or just don’t feel like paying the autograph fee, so I never even bother going up to talk to them. Ken does a good job keeping the prices low at Wasteland, but other shows…not so much. I know it’s a shame because there are some guests that are so nice and great to talk to. But more than not, these days they are there to take money from you and could really care less about a fan, unless your wallet is out. Yeah…bitter attitude from Old Man Kitley.

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Wasteland Cometh

green_slime_poster_01This weekend, we will be making our 29th trip out to Strongsville, Ohio, for the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo, as we’ve been doing since Sept. of 2000. No other show out there has run this long, being held at the very same hotel since the first one, and has created a reputation for being a show for the real die-hard movie fan. This is one of the few shows left that really is about celebrating the movies and the people behind them. There is always plenty of things going on to keep a movie fan occupied and entertained. From the Q&A panels to the film screening in two different rooms, you will never be bored. This time out, you’ll get the chance to see titles like The Green Slime (1968), Queen of Outer Space (1958), and Stanley (1972), all screened from 16mm prints! In the video room, you can watch classics like King Kong Escapes (1967) or Psychos in Love (1987), and much more.

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Tis the Season…

October is a month long celebration for us devoted fans of the horror genre. From conventions, movie marathons, both at home and in the theater, decorating our homes (those some of us keep them up all year round!), and just celebrating this wonderful time of year. I try to partake in the festivities as much as I can, but this year has been tough. From starting a new job recently, two conventions this month, a 24-hour movie marathon that we’re going to be setting up at, all the while trying to battle some sort of cold/sore throat that seems to be draining my motivation, it has been a struggle for me to really enjoy this month.

LiquidCheese40But if there is one thing that makes me rejoice in this dark path that I have chosen is being part of what I consider my horror family and what they are doing to enjoy this holiday season, though some of it makes me jealous as hell! It gives this grumpy old man a warm and fuzzy feeling, almost making my black heart grow three sizes bigger, knowing you people out there are proudly carrying the torch, and celebrating the horror genre that way we do.

Making me even prouder, are those that take that passion a step further and not only embrace the love of the horror genre, but also strive to inject their infection to other people. Those of you that have Halloween parties, hold your own little movie marathons, the monthly October movie challenge, are not only celebrating the movies that we love, but also sharing your passion with others, which in turn re-enforces the fire within them.

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Evilspeak # 4….coming next month

evilspeak4Next month will see the release of Volume 4 of Evilspeak Magazine. With close to 300 pages, you’ll get to read about some of Pete Walker’s films, Creepy Canine Cinema, A Nightmare in a Damaged Brain, Daria Nicolodi, Naschy’s Night of the Howling Beast, and much more. Plus they have this amazingly wicked cover by Ed Repka! Stay tuned to find out when this beast has been unleased!

For all the information on this volume, along with the previous 3, as well as some kick-ass horror shirts that they are offering, just click HERE. They have a great selection of some simple horror worship t-shirts, including a couple of great Paul Naschy ones, so how could not need one of those!?!?!