Music Box of Horrors Free Ticket Trivia!

MusicBoxofHorrorslogoOkay folks…are you in the Chicagoland area? Or if not, are you still wanting to attend this year’s Music Box of Horrors, held at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago from noon on October 24th to noon on the 25th? For updates on this event, head over to their official page HERE.

Well, if you are one of these people, then here is how you can win a free ticket to this event. Below is one simple trivia question. All you need to do is email the answer to me, at Then this Tuesday, I will draw 4 names from all the correct entries and announce them here. Ready?

There are four films listed so far for this year’s 24-hour marathon. One of the directors of these four films also made a film loosely based on the famous Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian noblewoman who was said to have killed upward to 650 young girls to bath in their blood.

What is the name of the director and the name of the film?