Book Review: Terror in the Desert

Terror in the DesertTerror in the Desert
Published by McFarland, 2018. 312 pages
By Brad Sykes

In an age of internet reviews, when anybody with a computer can be a critic (me being one of them), sometimes we might read a negative review of a movie and brush it off without any inclination to visit it, or in some cases, re-visit it. And I think that is a big mistake on the part of all of us fans.

In his introduction in this book, author Sykes writes, “I honestly believe that most of the films profiled in these pages – flaws and all – have something to offer the viewer.” After reading that, it reminded me once again that even if a movie might only be a 2 or 2 1/2 stars out of 5, that doesn’t mean that it is a total waste of time, but that it still might have some merit and might just be worth watching. Might be a great special effect or stunt in there. Or just a great performance by one particular actor. We just never know. So I just wanted to throw that out there, giving a little credit to Sykes for reminding us fans something that we shouldn’t forget.

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Duel Soundtrack Review

Released by Intrada
19 Tracks with a total running time of 47:39 min.
Composed and Conducted by Billy Goldenberg

A few years before he made Jaws, Steven Spielberg gave us another beastly predator, one that is much more common than the Great White shark….a semi-truck. In his tele-film Duel, Spielberg created a work of suspense and terror that everyone has felt for a moment every now and then while driving on the highway, thinking that one of these mechanical beast just might be out to destroy you. One of the reasons this film works as well is it does it due to the incredibly tension-building score from Billy Goldenberg.

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Devilish Driving Tunes

Just read that these two soundtracks are getting a release on CD. All I can say is…Wow. Never thought I would ever see the day that someone would put out the score for the 1977 film The Car. I can still remember seeing the TV trailer for this movie, because I couldn’t get anybody to take me to see the actual movie, so the trailer was all I had. But once I finally did get to see it, I just loved it. But now, thanks to Intrada, we’ll get to hear it. I am very excited to see what this score by Leonard Rosenman is going to entail. I can only hope that one track features that mind-jarring horn from the Car.

Also, Intrada is putting out Billy Goldenberg’s score for Duel, one of the best made-for-TV movies ever.

For more information, head over to Intrada’s website HERE.

thecar duel