Discover the Horror Episode 8 Is Up!

As horror fans, we’re guessing that everyone out there has been asked one time or another, “why do you like horror?” It’s a question that can get many different answers, but no matter what the answer might be, it never seems to get across to the person asking it, or at least enough for them to truly understand our strange passion of this particular film genre. Join us as we discuss this topic, and while maybe not answer that age old question for everyone, we’ll at least give our insight into why we are still love horror after all these years.

Joining us in this episode is our first guest to the Discover the Horror Podcast, Dr. AC (aka Aaron Christensen! He runs the Horror 101 with Dr. AC website, as well as being editor for books like Horror 101: The A-List of Horror and Monster Movies and Hidden Horror, which won the Rondo Award for Best Book in 20013. So, help us welcome AC into our little philosophical discussion as we delved into the dark recesses of our minds, attempting to answer the not-so-simple question, Why Do We Like Horror?

Discover the Horror Book Sale!

With the holiday coming up, we know that we all have a horror-loving fiend out there that you’re on the lookout for a unique gift for. Well, we are here to make an offer that will be hard to pass up. Until the end of the year, I am cutting the price of my book, Discover the Horror by 25%! That’s right, if you order the book directly from me, you can get your copy for only $15! Plus the fact that I will gladly autograph it and personalize it to whomever you wish, so it would be an even bigger surprise for the person on the receiving end!

Or, maybe you want to be a little selfish and pick up your own copy!

Please remember there still is a $3.00 shipping cost, so for one copy, your total would be $18.

You can send a check or money order (made payable to: Jon Kitley) or you can send payment through Paypal. Continue reading

Discover the Horror … on eBay

I came across this the other day and found it pretty amusing. Here is a seller listing copies of my book for $34.95. I guess I should feel honored that someone thinks the book is worth almost twice as much as it was when it was first published. But instead I find it both sad and funny, because not only is it still available on Amazon for $20, you could also ordered it directly from me, and I’d even sign it for you, free of charge!

DtH on ebay

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It’s Rondo Time!

Rondo nominated bookThe nominees for this year’s Rondo Awards have been announced and I’m proud to say that not only was my column for HorrorHound, They Came from the Krypt, nominated once again for Best Column, but my book, Discover the Horror, was also nominated for Book of the Year!!! I am shocked, amazed, as well as humbled to even have it nominated. Being in the same categories as authors like Gary D. Rhodes, Lee Gambin, Roberto Curti, and Bryan Senn, is an honor alone. And I’m sure my step-mother is rolling in her grave at the thought of the kid she used to help try forming a sentence that actually made sense, now has a book nominated for a Rondo! Wonders never cease.

If you by chance haven’t picked up your copy, you can still order them directly from me (and get it signed at no extra cost!!!). Just click the link to the right for all the info.

Now is the time for you to do your part and cast your vote. Yes, I would love to have you vote for me in the Best Column category as well as Book of the Year, but really I hope that you cast your vote. Quite a few of people listed throughout all the categories do what they do out of the passion of it. Some make a little money at it, while others make none. Some of them put their blood, sweat, and tears into these projects, so it is up to their fans and their peers to let them now what they are doing matters.

So please take a few minutes, head over to the Rondo Awards website (just click HERE), and cast your votes. You don’t have to vote for every category, but the ones that you do know. You have until March 29th to get them in. Just email your picks to David Colton at

And yes, we’d love your vote, but please just vote!




2019 Year End Review: Part 1 – A Look Back

Look Back Banner

End of another year. Another decade. I know one thing for sure that this last decade will not be remembered as one that didn’t produce any good horror movies! Just look at 2014 and you’ll find a ton of amazing films, from here in the US to around the world. As a horror fan, I feel pretty blessed with these last ten years of terror. Let’s hope the ’20s bring us another long list of great cinema.

I had thought that this would be a personal low when it came to films watched, only because it didn’t feel like I had watched that many. In fact, there were a couple of months were I only got to a handful of films. With my book coming out, doing another retrospective for HorrorHound, and the usual holidays, it takes time away from being able to sit and watch movies. But once the tally was done, it turns out that I had watched more in 2019 than I did since 2013! The final number was 236, with almost half of them, a total of 115, being first time viewings. There were a few trips to the drive-ins, some movie marathons, a couple of Turkey Days, and other mini-marathons with friends or just by myself. And I intend to do it all over this year! Really going to try and hit 250 viewings in 2020. Continue reading

Holiday Shopping Ideas

Book Cover Art 22819With Axe-mas right around the corner, I’m sure everyone is starting to compile their own wish list or thinking about what to get others. I’m going to give a few suggestions to help not only find a great gift, but to also help increase the knowledge for the person receiving it, as well as maybe showing support for those out there that are putting their blood, sweat, tears, and talent into their work. We need to show our support for them, to let them know what they are doing is worth it.

For those out there that are looking for the special gift for the horror obsessed fan in their life, or to add it to your own personal list, let me start with a shameless plug and humbly suggest picking up a copy of my book, Discover the Horror? While it is available on Amazon, if you order it directly from me, you’ll get it personally signed to you, or whoever you request. How cool would it be to surprise your special someone with a personalized autograph copy? You can read what some people have thought about it on Amazon or some of the reviews I’ve posted on the link to the right.

But…this isn’t just about my book, but the countless titles out there that would make wonderful gifts to any horror fan. Here are some examples. Continue reading

HorrorHound Approaches!

HH Banner

Book Cover Art 22819Next weekend, we’ll be heading back to Indianapolis for the HorrorHound Weekend, which looks to be one massive gathering of horror fans! Taking place at the Indiana Convention Center, this one looks like it will be HorrorHound’s biggest show yet! With an incredible lineup of guests, tons of different dealers, as well as Mask-Fest, it is going to be a horror fans dream come true.

For the latest info, such a complete guest and vendor list, head over to their website HERE.

We will be set up there as usual, with our booths being in M04 & M05. It’s great that they have a listing of where the different dealers are, which should make it so much easier to find a particular one if you so desire. You can see the layout I posted below, where I’ve circled where we are. Just so yo can find us even easier! We will also be selling copies of my new book, Discover the Horror, so if you haven’t ordered your copy already, now is your chance to pick one up and I’ll even sign it for you, free of charge, of course! Of if you had already ordered your copy through Amazon, bring it along and I’ll be glad to sign it for you. Continue reading

Discover the Horror Tour Continues

DtH at Flashback

We had an amazing time at Flashback Weekend (pictured above with filmmaker John Borowski), even selling a few more copies of my book, Discover the Horror. I got to do a little Q&A on Saturday morning to talk about the book (thanks Mike & Mia!!!) and answer a few questions. My good friend Bryan Martinez not only recorded it, but made a nice little video out of it, with film clips and all! You can see it below.

Please remember that if you have read the book, PLEASE go on to Amazon and post a review. It doesn’t have to be an essay, but can just be a sentence or two. But the more reviews it gets the more circulation it will get for similar titles. So please take a second and post your thoughts. And besides, I would love to hear them as well. Continue reading

Kicking the Seat Podcast


Totally forgot about posting this last week! But better late than never. Last week, while we were at the Music Box Theatre for our book launch, I had the great opportunity to sit down with Ian Simmons from Kicking the Seat podcast. The first part of the podcast, we talk about the book and what keeps me busy. But after that, if you’re a lover of Argento and the giallo, then you’re going to want to continue to listen!

After I get done rambling, you’ll get to hear Ian, along with Aaron Christensen (Horror 101 with Dr. AC) and Bryan Martinez from The Giallo Room YouTube series, as they discuss Argento’s 1982 film Tenebre. Ian and Aaron have been discussing a lot of Argento over the last few months so check out some of the older podcasts to hear more.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast. Enjoy!


Discover the Horror Book Launch!

DtH 1

Last Saturday, we had the official book launch party for my book Discover the Horror, at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. I also had the wonderful opportunity to introduce the film The Giant Claw (1957) before the signing in the lounge area. Now honestly, going into this, I was hoping the film would have a good turnout, but expected it to be 4 or 5 of my friends that were coming out to support me. In reality, there was quite a bit more than that! In fact, we had several people there that had never seen the film before, so we knew they were in for a real treat. Continue reading