Book Review: Classics of the Horror Film

classics-hcClassics of the Horror Film
By William K. Everson
Published by Citadel Press, 1974.  246 pages.

Recently, I posted our review of Denis Gifford’s Pictorial History of Horror Movies, stating it was one of the real first of its kind. This book here was another one, and is again, one that is remembered by older fans as being a book from their childhood that opened their eyes to so many movie monsters.

Everson was another film scholar and collector that set out to save and preserve thousands of films from the ’20s and 30’s from being destroyed. He would go to great lengths to not only find rare films, but more importantly, made it a point to have screenings of them, giving others the opportunity to see them, even when some of these screenings would get him in trouble with the studios, arguing the ownership of the prints. But Everson’s whole point was to let audiences see these movies and to keep them from being forgotten.

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