Cinevent This Weekend!

Things have been very busy around here at the Krypt over the last couple of weeks. This last weekend, we had our annual Turkey Day in May event, which was great fun, this time being a Best of Turkey Day! Such a great time getting a bunch of like minded film fiends together to devour a bunch of films that most people would turn their nose up at. We’ll have a full report coming at some point.

Speaking of reports, we’re still putting the finishing touches up on Texas Frightmare report as well, so stay tuned for more stories and photos from that event.


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World Tour Continues…

Last weekend, we were at the Cinema Wasteland show and just had a blast, as usual. They were having a Night of the Living Dead reunion, but to be honest, I never even made it to a single panel. I think this was the first time I didn’t take one single picture of any guests while I was there. It might have had something to do with that I was running the table by myself for the most part, though my good buddy Scott was there to watch it when needed. But really, and especially at this show, it really is about seeing my old friends and having the time to hang out and talk about the thing that binds us all together…horror movies! It really is the highpoint of the conventions for me these days. Maybe I’m just spoiled since I’ve been going to these things for close to 30 years and not too many guests that I either haven’t seen, or just don’t feel like paying the autograph fee, so I never even bother going up to talk to them. Ken does a good job keeping the prices low at Wasteland, but other shows…not so much. I know it’s a shame because there are some guests that are so nice and great to talk to. But more than not, these days they are there to take money from you and could really care less about a fan, unless your wallet is out. Yeah…bitter attitude from Old Man Kitley.

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The Kryptic World Tour 2017

Yes, 2016 is just a few weeks away from being in the history books. Some might consider it a bad year, some a good one, but it definitely has been an interesting on. So as we all look to 2017, with hopes of a much better world, what better way to do that by announcing the dates for our 2017 Tour! And yes, we can call it our World Tour, even though we are not leaving the states. I mean, they do call it the World Series and they never leave the country, so why can’t we, right? Then again, maybe if that lotto ticket finally hits, maybe we will make it across the pond. Stranger things have happened!

But none the less, we’ve updated our Tour list on the top menu that shows the conventions that we are planning to be at this year, or at least the ones closest to the first part of the year. There might be some additions to that, but we’ll update those as we go. We also have them listed below.

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Convention Updates!

Last weekend, we were at the Cinevent Classic Film Convention in Columbus and had a lot of fun. Sure, it would have been nice to have a few more bodies coming through the door, but that didn’t stop us from selling a few things, meeting a few people (including another die-hard Naschy fan), as well as picking up a few things for my own collection. This show is a good old fashion memoribilia show. No guests charging money for autographs, but just a bunch of dealers selling everything from posters to lobby cards to stills and much more. Yes, this wasn’t just a horror show, but we were still able to find some good stuff. Although, I have to say, when you come across a table with about 8 stacks of movie posters, each about six inches high, and the dealer says “all posters are a buck each”, you know your back is going to killing you when you’re done going through them all, but you do it anyway. We’re going to plan on going to this show again next year and see how it goes. If we do well again, maybe we’ll make this a regular stop on our World Tour!

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Kryptic World Tour Invades Cinevent

Cinevent Banner

There is an old fashion movie memorbilia show that has been running since the late ’60s, called Cinevent. This is not like modern day conventions because there are no celebrities here. It is just about the memorbilia and keeping old movies alive and well. It is not a horror show, but of all genres. They screen old movies throughout the entire weekend, so it really is about the movies. The only money exchanging hands here besides paying to get in, is in the dealer room. So it will be a nice change of pace then some of the other shows that we do on a regular basis.

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