Flea Market & Toy Show Finds

Usually in October, a free weekend is non-existent for my wife and I. But somehow this year, we had one. So we took advantage of it, doing something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, but just never had the time. Which was heading out to the Haunted Halloween Flea Market in Wheaton, IL. We have several friends of ours that go to this every year, and even had some friends setting up there too. So the wife and I headed out early on Saturday afternoon, with a beautiful day for it too! No rain in the forecast and a nice cool evening.

Haunted Halloween Flea Market 1

The thing about flea markets, or really any kind of show that has vendors, you really need to know your market to know if the prices you’re seeing are fair or way over priced. I’m sure there are plenty of fair vendors out there, but there are also that are there trying to make a living, so their prices might be on the high “collector” side. You can find some great deals there, don’t get me wrong. You just need to know your stuff before hand, otherwise you can end up spending more than you should.

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Monster Party at the Chicago Toy Show


Even though I’m a huge horror fan and collector, I tend to stay away from the horror toys. Mainly because once you start down that road, not only does it go on forever, but has so many side paths and diversions, that your bank account will hate you forever, not to mention trying to find space for all of the stuff you start to find. But I do like seeing some of the stuff, especially the older items that I remember from my childhood, and even more so, seeing how much it is going for these days. That is the reason why I, along with my wife Dawn and son Nick, headed out to the Chicago Toy Show today. As it turns out, it was well worth the trip.

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