Buyer Beware!

Everyone reading this knows I tend to collect horror reference books. More than your average fan. And because of my love of them, I always like to help promote them as well, either through reviews or just letting my followers know about upcoming titles that might be of interests. 

In the past, I’ve made posts about some books that publishers like to re-issue every couple of years, but change the title and cover a little to make it seem like its a new book. For example, Carlton Books have re-issued their Horror! title that was first published in 2006, at least 3 different times, all with a new cover and all with a slightly different name, adding a few pages at the end to “update” it to the current year. Sure, newer fans aren’t going to have the previous release, but at least they could do is state that it is an updated edition. Continue reading

Definitive Guide Updated Once Again

Definitive Guide to Horror MoviesFollowers of this site know I’m all about the horror reference book. The more the better! But it does get a little annoying when a publisher puts out an barely updated version of one of their previous releases, but only changes the cover and even the title enough to where to looks a completely new book. Carlton Books has done it once again.

The Definitive Guide to Horror Movies by Kim Newman and James Marriot (who passed away in 2012) has recently been released. Because of those two authors’ names and the way the title is, I figured the publisher was doing it again and re-re-re-releasing the same book again, but adding a few pages. Which is in fact just what they are doing. This was originally released back in 2006, under the simple title of Horror: The Definitive Guide to Cinema of Fear. Then it was released again in 2010, under the title Horror! 333 Films to Scare You to Death, with Lee Remick from The Omen on the cover and 253 pages. Jump ahead 3 short years and they release it again as Horror! The Definitive Companion to the Most Terrifying Movies Ever Made with Leatherface on the cover. Again, with a few more pages added (360 total). And 5 years later, it has another 8 pages added and now called The Definitive Guide to Horror Movies: 365 Films to Scare You to Death with a shot from Poltergeist. Continue reading