Music Box Announces 24-hours of Horror!

Music Box of Horrors 2016Chicago’s own Music Box Theatre has announced the date for this year’s Music Box of Horrors, which will take place on Saturday, October 24th, starting at noon! We can all hope that things will be back to some sort of normality so us devious horror fans can enjoy another 24 hours of madness! I missed last year’s marathon because we were at an out-of-town show so this year we are hoping to make our return!

So far, they only have two titles announced, but I gotta say, they’ve picked to stellar movies! The first one is one of the last great pictures from the King of Ballyhoo, William Castle! Joining forces with Joan Crawford, we get Strait-Jacket (1964), with this twisted tale of axe-murderer on the loose. Screening from a 35mm print! Continue reading

Drive-in Super Monster-Rama

Well, they finally announced the complete lineup for the fall Super Monster-Rama and I am doing all I can to try and figure out a way to make it to this one. I mean, how can any self-respecting Paul Naschy fan skip out on seeing not one, not two, but THREE Naschy flicks on the big screen?!?!? Plus, it is a Spanish horror theme for the whole weekend. If a triple dose of Naschy wasn’t enough, then about adding in Blind Dead film? Or Jorge Grau’s amazing zombie flick, Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue! Then you throw in some rare & obscure titles like Graveyard of Horrors and The Dracula Saga, that just makes the cake.


So while I’m still trying to figure out a way, you should start making your plans to head out to this event. It takes place on Friday, Sept. 20th and Saturday, Sept. 21st, at the Riverside Drive-in in Vandergrift, PA.


Monsterpalooza – Part 4: The Vendors

blind dead bustSince this was our first West Coast show in close to two decades, I was hoping to see some vendors that we don’t normally see the usual shows that we go to. We definitely did, which is why I probably I spent so much money! But the Krypt is always needing some new little trinkets, right? Got to keep it fresh, right? Like this little Blind Dead bust? I mean, can you really have too many Blind Dead items? I didn’t think so either. Especially when it is a bust that was sculpted by Daniel Horne!

Sometimes after walking around any vendor room, you see plenty of cool stuff, but nothing really jumping out at you that is demanding that you take it home with you. Earlier in the weekend, we noticed that this guy had some old-fashioned looking hand puppets, but with characters you wouldn’t expect to be seeing, such as the little doll from Dario Argento’s Deep Red or Corbis from The Devil’s Rain! These were handmade and very cool, but with a price tag of $50, I really didn’t need one of those. Then walking by their table again on Sunday, either I missed it the first few times or they just put it out, but now they had a Mr. Sardonicus puppet out. Being a huge Castle fan, I just couldn’t pass it up and bought it. Check them out at Just they don’t have a lot listed on their site so just email them and ask about their puppets. Or about all the other cool stuff they had out on their table. I know I’ll be looking for them again at the next show. Continue reading

Naschy at the Drive-in???


Okay, so I’ve posted many times here about my love of not only the Drive-ins but also of the work of Paul Naschy. So needless to say, when I saw the lineup for the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama at the Riverside Drive-In in Vandergrift, PA, well….let’s just say I was a little excited. They were showing not just one Paul Naschy flick, not two, but THREE! And to push me over the edge even more, they were also showing one of the Blind Dead films! How could this even be possible?

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Spanish Shocker Triple Feature!

Exhumed Films - Spanish Horrors

If the east coast survives this lastest snowageddon, in February, the fine folks at Exhumed Films are putting on an amazing triple feature that is putting the spotlight on some awesome Spanish Horror films. I’m sure my feelings might have something to do with the fact that two out of the three films are Paul Naschy films, but that is purely beside the point.

On Friday, Feb. 12th, starting at 7:30pm, they will be screening the following films, all from 35mm prints (which impresses me even more!):

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Saluting Spanish Horror Icons

spanish-horror-iconsI recently came across these wonderful busts of different Spanish Horror Icons and knew I had to show them here. Being a huge fan of Spanish Horror, especially of Paul Naschy, anytime I see something this, I need to help spread the word. Honestly, I just love the fact that there are other people out there spreading the love of this much underrated genre of fantastic cinema, as Naschy used to refer to it.

According to the website, these will be around 8″ tall, but no word on the pricing. I’ve reached out to them to hopefully get some more info, as well as when they are going to be released. But in the meantime, you can check out the ones they have photos of so far. For me, the Blind Dead really need to have their facial hair…just doesn’t look right otherwise. But the two Naschy figures, I would love to add to my collection. Hopefully they won’t be too pricey! Of course, if anybody would like to pick these up as a gift for me, I’d be enternally grateful. Just throwing it out there….

You can check out their website HERE, though warning, it is not in English. But with the help of Google translator, you should be able to manage your way around.

Paul Naschy’s Waldemar Daninsky
Spanish Horror Statues1

Paul Naschy’s Amenhotep from La venganza de la momia (The Mummy’s Revenge)
Spanish Horror Statues5

Pánico en el Transiberiano (Horror Express)
Spanish Horror Statues4

Count Dracula from La saga de los Drácula (The Dracula Saga)
Spanish Horror Statues3

The Blind Dead

The Art of Don England

IBlind Dead - Charcoal‘ve known Don England for many years, first meeting him at one of the early Cinema Wasteland shows. We’ve become good friends since then and see each other several times a year at different conventions. He is one incredibly talented artist, and one that still does it the old fashion way…with his hand. Sure, using the computer to do your coloring and all that can look pretty impressive, and nothing against it, but honestly, for me personally, there is something special about a good old fashion pen and ink drawing. But lately Don has been doing some work with charcoal that has once again impressed the hell out of me. One of the first ones that he did recently was a Blind Dead one, which I immediately knew I had to have for my collection and purchased it right away. Since then, he has continued to crank out these little masterpieces and always make me envious of his talent.

So when you get a chance, head over to his website (HERE) and check out some of his artwork. Who knows, maybe you’ll be adding an original piece to your own collection as well. Remember, supporting people like Don shows that what they are doing is still important and appreciated!

Phibes - Charcoal pinhead-charcoal American Werewolf - Charcoal