Movie Review: War of the Colossal Beast (1958)


War of the Colossal Beast (1958)
Directed by Bert I. Gordon
Starring Sally Fraser, Roger Pace, Duncan Parkin, Russ Bender, Rico Alaniz, George Becwar

For me, this is a perfect example where the sequel is better than the original. I know it might be hard to believe, but in this case it is more than true for me. Honestly, I was never a big fan of the first film, The Amazing Colossal Man (1957). It just seemed a little cheesy and the effects weren’t the greatest, or more than likely I grew tired of some half naked guy running around yelling “I DON’T WANT TO GROW ANYMORE!” Of course, you have to love the death by giant syringe scene, but besides that, not much going for it. Continue reading

Monster Bash Approaches


In three weeks, we will be heading out to Mars, PA for the annual Monster Bash Conference, and needless to say, we’re pretty excited. This show is the farthest distance that we travel which is why it took us so long before we decided to finally take the plunge. Now I only regret not starting going sooner.

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The Amazing Colossal World of Mr. B.I.G. – An Autobiographical Journy – Book Review

BIGbookThe Amazing Colossal World of Mr. B.I.G. – An Autobiographical Journey
By Bert I. Gordon
Published by CreateSpace Publishing, 2009.  258 pages.

Flat out, this has to be one of the worst autobiography that I’ve ever read, and one of the most disappointing ones. Let me start off by saying that I am HUGE fan of Bert I. Gordon and his films. I loved his movies when I was younger and still can find entertainment in them today. No matter how cheesy they might seem today, they are always fun to watch. So I was very excited when he told me a few  years ago that he was working on writing his autobiography and that McFarland was gong to be putting it out. But it was a few years later when I see that it had finally come out, but that it was self-published. That should have been a clue, but I eagerly ordered it right away and dove right into it when it got here.

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Monster Bash Conference Next Weekend!

Next weekend, I will be making the trip to Mars…Mars, Pennsylvania, that is, for the October Monster Bash Conference! Last June, we did our first Bash and had such a great time that I knew I wanted to come back for more. Of course, this is going to be an interesting trip since I will be making it on my own. The rest of the Kitley crew can’t make it for a variety of reasons, so that means it is just going to be me. Hopefully I’ll survive the 7 hour/500 mile drive each way! Unless I can con some poor SOB to make the trip with me!

I war-of-the-colossal-beastwas bummed to hear that Barbara Steele had to cancel due to illness and wish her a speedy recovery. But the Bash head honcho Ron Adams didn’t waste any time in getting a replacement. In fact, a BIG replacement! Mr. B.I.G. himself, Bert I. Gordon, director of such classics as Food of the Gods, Empire of the Ants, The Amazing Colossal Man, The Cyclops, and many more. He will be joining the rest of the guests, such as Anne Serling (Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling’s daughter), Blue Demon Jr., Jeremy Ambler, Lisa Marie, Felix Silla, and Pat Priest..

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