Music Box of Horrors 2019

Music Box of Horrors 2019The Music Box of Horrors has unleashed its final lineup for this year’s 24-hour marathon. And as always, they have gathered together one hell of lineup with some amazing titles in there, as well as a couple of great guests. Director John Hancock will be on hand for a screening of his highly underrated film Let’s Scare Jessica to Death. Very creepy and a must see. They will also be screening Dog Soldiers, one of the best werewolf movies to come out in the last two decades, with director Neil Marshall in attendance!

Taking place on Saturday, Oct. 19th, starting at noon and running to noon on Sunday the 20th. As we mentioned before, this will be the very first Music Box marathon that we will be missing and it really bums me out. But I’m guarantying those that come out to this will have a great time, just like the previous years. Continue reading

Music Box of Horrors 2019


This year’s Music Box of Horrors will be taking place on October 19th, starting at noon and going through to noon on Sunday. And as usual, they have the start of an amazing lineup, including the silent film The Man Who Laughs (1928) with a live original score from Maxx McGathey. Of course, the one who won’t be laughing is me, since we will not be attending this year’s marathon. We’ve been to everyone since they started back in 2005 and are really bummed to have to miss this one. But we were already committed to be at the Monster Bash Conference in Pennsylvania instead. Continue reading

Skyline Drive-In Super Monster Lineup!



The Skyline Drive-In Theater in Shelbyville, IN has finally announced the lineup for this year’s Super Monster Movie Fest. Their Don’t Go In The Water marathon is taking place on Aug. 24th and 25th, with the movies starting around dusk. They don’t have an official schedule posted yet, as far as what is playing and when, but here are the titles they have announced in alphabetical order:

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Turkey Day 2005

For this marathon, I was not going to have to make this journey alone. I found a sucker…I mean, a fellow movie fan that had the guts to put his love of bad movies to the test. Dr. AC (aka Aaron Christensen) joined me that faithful day to for another festival of B-movies and other such wonders. Though, he must have been pretty trusting of me since we’d only met a few months earlier. Little did he know of the horrors that I was going to put him through….(cue devilish laugh here) heheheh.

bloodfreak1Blood Freak (1972) – Yes, we did watch this film last year. And since this was AC’s first Turkey Day experience, I didn’t want to give him a full frontal assault right away. But I felt that since he had never witnessed Blood Freak before, that we’d have to make that the first film. Sort of breaking him in. Or breaking him down. Not sure which. And even I had watched it last year, watching this movie with a new viewer is almost as fun as watching the film itself for the first time. The look on their faces is always a riot. When the turkey monster first makes its appearance, and they look over at you with this “Are you fucking kidding me?” look….priceless.

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