Turkey Day in May 2016

Not sure what happend to make me get this report posted, but here it is, better late than never. In was in May of last year when we started to have our 2nd Turkey Day event, appropriately called Turkey Day in May. Basically we realized that there was just too much turkey for a single event. So Turkey Day in May began. And this last May, we continue that tradition, with a fine gathering of like-minded (sometimes called crazy) film enthusiasts to test our will and spirits against some of cinemas lesser quality films. But, while some of these films might not rate high on anybody’s grading system, we were all entertained by these titles. So while some of these might not be too high on anyone’s grading scale, we had a lot of fun with it.

TDiM2016 Group.jpg

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Mystery Photo 6-13

I must have been more worn out after the Cinevent show last weekend than I thought, since I completey forgot about posting a new Mystery Photo. What a slacker! But we’re back this week with a new photo to start your week out right. Our last photo was that from an obscure Italy film called Alien 2 On Earth. Yes, that came out shortly after Scott’s movie, so it could have been slightly, possibly, inspired by it….But if you love movies about splunking, especially when nothing really happens, then this is your movie! Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Aaron Christensen, Kuba Haczek, Brett Harrison, and William Wilson. Congrats!

Now on to this week’s photo. Might be a little deceiving at a quick glance so think about it a bit before sending in your answer. Please remember not to post your answers here, but send us an email at jon@kitleyskrypt.com. Good Luck!